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                                     A Letter to my Ancestors

'Twas some years ago that I began to learn about your lives
your trials and tribulations, your siblings, husbands and wives.
You were but shadows in the past, your faces were unknown
but now you are reality - your persona now is shown.
Slowly through those years your stories did unfold
and now with love and tenderness they are ready to be told.
As I uncovered secrets you may have wished to hide,
I learned they were a part of you and I tell them now with pride.
In conclusion my dear ancestors, I would like to say,
If it was not for your strength and courage I'd not be here today.

.Pamela R Chismon
                        (author of The Devonshires From Cornwall)


This website has been designed to assist people who wish to trace their family trees. When I began researching my own family tree, around thirty years ago, I only knew the names of ten ancestors. My family tree now extends from the 1500's to the present.

Links page contains many links to genealogical and other sites to assist you with your family search.

Australian-English Genealogy database contains family trees for Australians descended from British convicts and family trees of persons who migrated from the British Isles to Australia and New Zealand. There are also listings for families who migrated to Australia from European countries and families who migrated to Canada, the United States and South Africa, from the British Isles and Europe.  The convict database contains information regarding crime committed, transport to Australia and their lives after arriving in Australia.

If you do not have the time and/or patience to trace your family tree, send me an email, with the names/birth dates and places of birth, of the people you are researching.  I will advise if your family line are in my database and the number of people in the database who are connected to your family. No charge for this service.