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Descendants of

Ann Davis

Ann was born in c1772. She was convicted in Gloucestershire, for theft, after being arrested for pawning stolen clothes. She arrived on the Lady Juliana. In 1792 Ann gave birth to a child, Samuel, fathered by Samuel Richards. The child died in February 1795, after which time the father seems to have disappeared from Ann's life.

Later, in the same year, Ann developed a relationship with Thomas Fowles, a convict who arrived on the Atlantic. Their daughter Elizabeth was born in 1796.

In 1798 Ann was recorded as being in a relationship with Thomas Williams, who arrived as a Royal Marine on the Friendship. Ann and Thomas held a farm at Toongabbie.
Children: Thomas Williams b1799 married
Charlotte Kentwell
Mary Williams b1802 married John Dale (Convict - Marquis of Wellington)

After Thomas' death she was living with Simon Moulds, a convict who arrived on the Barwell. Simon and Ann were married in 1820.
Children: Simon 1805-1874 - married Rosetta James, daughter of Samuel James (convict on Perseus) and Ann Bean ( a free settler).
Susannah 1808-1898 - married Francis Sherwood, a convict who arrived on the Ocean II.
Charlotte 1811
John 1814

Ann died in 1854 and is buried in the churchyard at St John's, Parramatta.