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Descendants of

Ann Marsh


1. Ann1 Marsh (Mash), born 1767 in Buckland Brewer, Devon, England - died 1823, daughter of John Marsh and Mary Andrew. She married (1) Richard Alley; (2) John Irving (Irwin, Irvin), born 1760; died 1796; (3) in 1796 Robert Flannagan, born 1767c in Ireland; (4) William Chapman, died 1810.

Notes for Ann Marsh

Ann along with Mary Edwards, was convicted at Exeter Assizes in 1789 of stealing a bushel of wheat. Mary ( a married woman) was sentenced to six months hard labour and fined six shillings, while Ann was sentenced to transportation for seven years and arrived on the Lady Juliana.

On the voyage, Ann cohabited with the ship's surgeon, Richard Alley, to whom she bore a daughter, Charlotte. Charlotte was christened on June 3, 1790, in Sydney - she died a few cays after her christening. Richard had returned to England.

Ann cohabited with John Irving (Convict - Lady Penrhyn) until his death in September 1795. She bore John's son, John Irving, January 1796. As his common law wife, Ann inherited the title to John senior's land which she sold in 1798.

In November 1796, Ann married Robert Flannagan (Convict - Boddingtons). When Robert absconded in 1798, Ann cohabited with William Chapman (Convict - Pitt).

From the 1790's, Ann ran a boat service from Sydney to Parramatta and from 1811 held a wine and spirit license for the King's head Tavern.

When William died in June 1810, Ann was left with nine children. Her youngest child, James was placed in an orphan school for some time.

Ann died, aged 54, in March 1823. she was buried with John Irving in St John's, Parramatta.

Notes for Richard Alley

Lady Juliana - Ships Surgeon.

Notes for John Irving (Irwin, Irvin)

Convicted at Lincoln 1784 for theft. Arrived Lady Penrhyn as ship's surgeon.

John was originally sent to Norfolk Island. On his return to Sydney in 1792 he was appointed assistant surgeon at Parramatta and was granted thirty acres of land at Irving Street, Parramatta.

Notes for Robert Flannagan

Convicted at Armagh, Ireland. Arrived Boddingtons.

Notes for William Chapman

Convicted of stripping lead off a church roof in Stepney. Arrived Pitt in 1792.



Children of Ann Marsh and Richard Alley were as follows:

2 i Charlotte Maria2 Alley, born 1791; died 1791.

Children of Ann Marsh and John Irving (Irwin, Irvin) were as follows:

+ 3 i John Hamilton2 Irvin, born 1796. He married Ann Partridge.

Children of Ann Marsh and Robert Flannagan were as follows:

4 i Susannah2 Flannagan (known as Chapman), 1797 - 1889. Married John Edward Hunter (mariner - 1793 Yorkshire - 1844) in 1817.

5 ii Elizabeth2 Flannagan (known as Chapman), born 1798. Married Edward Priest in 1817. Daughter Sarah Priest married (1) Henry Lambourne in 1847 at Newcastle, NSW,  (2) John Stokoe  in 1858 (3) Thomas A Warland in 1861 at Newcastle (3) William Glover in 1881 at Port Stephens. NSW.

Children of Ann Marsh and William Chapman were as follows:

6 i Ann E2 Chapman, born 1800 in NSW. Married Hugh Noble in 1820.

7 ii William2 Chapman, born 1803; died 1857. He married Ann Chevans (Chieves).

8 iii Mary Anne2 Chapman, born 1804 in NSW. She married in 1821 in  Sydney George Turner, born 1795.

9 iv Edward2 Chapman, born 1805 in  NSW.

10 v George2 Chapman, born 1808 in  NSW.

11 vi James2 Chapman, born 1810 in  NSW. He married in 1831 in NSW Sydney Esther O'Hara.

12 vii Charlotte2 Chapman, born 1811; died 1811.


Generation 2

3. John Hamilton2 Irvin (Ann1 Marsh), born 1796. He married in 1818 in Australia NSW Ann Partridge, born 1798 in NSW, daughter of Lt. Henry Lidgbird Ball and Sarah Partridge.

Children of John Hamilton Irvin and Ann Partridge were as follows:

13 i Clarence3 Irvin, born 1819; died 1826 in  Newcastle, NSW.

14 ii Emmeline3 Irvin, born 1820. She married in 1840 David Reid Shearer.

15 iii Ann3 Irvin, died 1826 in  Hexham, NSW.

16 iv John Hamilton3 Irvin, born 1829; died 1915. He married in 1852 Selina Howe.

17 v Edwin3 Irvin, born 1831; died 1907. He married in 1868 Sarah Gardiner.

18 vi Walter Augustus3 Irvin, born 1835; died 1891. He married Emma Campbell.


12. William2 Chapman (Ann1 Marsh), born 1803; died 1857. He married Ann Chevans(Chieves), born 1804; died 1889.

Children of William Chapman and Ann Chevans(Chieves) were as follows:

+ 19 i William Edward3 Chapman, born 1826. He married Anne H Wilson.

Generation 3

19. William Edward3 Chapman (William2, Ann1 Marsh), born 1826. He married in 1852 in Macleay River, NSW; Anne H Wilson, died 1889.

Children of William Edward Chapman and Anne H Wilson were:

Ernest A b1853, Matilda A b1855, Fleda L b1856 and Ann C  b1858