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Descendants of

     Charles Whalan     

First Generation

1. Charles Whalan (Sgt) was born in 1772 in St Clements, Middlesex, England. He died in 1839 in Prospect.   He was buried in St John's Parramatta.  

At age fourteen, Charles was convicted of catching fish on private property.  He spent four years in Newgate prison before embarking on the Albemarle, which arrived in Sydney in 1791.

Upon arrival he worked in the government stores and was pardoned after 16 months in the Colony.  He joined the 102 Regiment of the NSW Corps.
He served as Orderly Sergeant to William Bligh. He tansferred to 73rd Regiment when 102nd was recalled to England.  Governor Macquarie appointed him Sergeant of Bodyguard of Light Horse.

In 1822, when Charles retired, Governor Macquarie granted him 750 acres of land at Prospect, NSW (Macquarie Park).      

Upon his death, his body was transported by hearse to St John's.  This was the first use of a hearse in New South Wales. 

A reference written by Governor Macquarie in 1822, described Sgt. Whalan as "peculiarly correct, honest, honourable and faithful, never having had one occasion to find fault with him, or in the least degree to censure his conduct… I do further certify that sergeant Whalan is worthy of anything that can possibly be done for him. I accordingly most strongly recommend him to the favour, kindness and patronage of His Excellency the Governor in Chief for some position under Government.”

Charles married Elizabeth Berry in 1803 in Parramatta (Government House).

Elizabeth was convicted at Hertfordshire of "having an unchristian attitude" and sentenced to seven years transportation.  She arrived on the Glatton.  Elizabeth was employed as a maid at Government House. She was given away by Governor King.  Elizabeth was born
in 1778 in Stevenage Hertforshire, England. She died in 1866 in Hartley.  She was buried in Oberon Old Meth.

Charles and Elizabeth had the following children:

+ 2 F i Mary Matilda Whalan
+ 3 M ii James Whalan
+ 4 M iii Charles Whalan
+ 5 F iv Sarah (Sally) Whalan
6 M v Macquarie Whalan was born in 1816 in "Macquarie Park "Prospect. He died in 1820 in Parramatta. He was buried in Devonshire Street Cemetery.
Macquarie was the godson of Governor Macquarie.
+ 7 M vi Campbell Whalan
+ 8 M vii John McLean Whalan

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