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Descendants of

Edward Priest

First Generation

1. Edward Priest was born in 1782 in Wolverhampton Staff England. He died in 1847 in Newcastle .

Edward was convicted of theft at Clerkenwell in 1791.  He arrived on the Ocean in 1816 and in 1817 was sent to Newcastle, on the Lady Nelson.   He was the first blacksmith in Newcastle.


Edward married Elizabeth Flannagan Chapman daughter of Robert Flannagan and Ann Marsh in 1817 in Sydney. Elizabeth was born in 1798. She died in 1889 in Raymond Terrace .

They had the following children:

+ 2 F i Ann Susannah Priest
+ 3 F ii Mary Ann Sophia Priest
+ 4 F iii Emmeline Priest
+ 5 F iv Sarah Priest
+ 6 F v Susannah Priest
+ 7 M vi Edward William Priest
+ 8 F vii Elizabeth Etheline Australia Priest
+ 9 M viii James Priest
10 M ix George W Priest was born in 1830. He died in 1835.
+ 11 M x Ellis Edward Septimus Priest
12 M xi Hephzibah M E Priest was born in 1837. He died in 1837.
+ 13 M xii George Chapman Priest

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