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Descendants of

 Elizabeth Mitchell

First Generation

1. Elizabeth (Sarah) Mitchell was born in 1770 in England. She died in 1837 in Castlereagh. She was buried in Castlereagh.

Elizabeth and her mother were convicted at New Sarum,  Wiltshire of breaking into a dwelling house and stealing linen and heeses.  Elizabeth arrived on the Mary

Ann in 1791.

Elizabeth married (1) Unknown Mitchell  in 1791.                                                                         

Elizabeth married (2) James Wilson (alias Riley).

James was a sailor on the Sirius.

James was born in 1765 in Philadelphia Delaware US. He died in 1797.

James and Elizabeth had the following children:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

+ 2 F i Sarah Mitchell

Elizabeth married (3) Edward Field in 1805 in Parramatta.   

Edward was a Private in the NSW Corps. He arrived on the Scarborough. Edward was born in 1769 in Wiltshire England.  He died in 1826 in Castlereagh and was buried in Castlereagh Cemetery.                                                                     


Edward and Elizabeth had the following children:

  3 F ii Mary Ann Field was born in 1795. She died in 1865 in Forbes. 
        Mary married (1) Thomas Perry in 1812.

Thomas was convicted at Middlesex and arrived on the England.  He was born in 1777. He died in 1844 in Penrith.
 Mary and Thomas separated in 1813.   The marriage was annulled after Thomas' death.  
        Mary married (2) Joseph Collits son of Pierce Collits and Mary Hardwick in 1845. Joseph was born in 1808 in 'Bird's Eye Corner' Castlereagh. He died in 1888 in Forbes. [Notes]
+ 4 M iii Edward Field
+ 5 F iv Maria Field
+ 6 M v George Field
+ 7 M vi William Field
+ 8 F vii Sophia Field
+ 9 M viii Thomas Field
10 M ix John Field was born in 1815. He died in 1815.


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