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                     Descendants of

         George Hambridge

and Mary Milbourne

George Hambridge was convicted of sheep stealing in 1805 at Oxford. His death sentence was commuted to transportation for life. George arrived in Australia on 'Fortune' in 1806. He was pardoned in 1818. In 1822 he received a grant of land at West Bargo. George married Mary Milbourne in 1818. Mary had been sentenced to 14 years at Hertfordshire in 1810. Mary arrived in Australia in 1811 on 'Friends'. Mary had been married twice before she married George John Taylor, in England in 1800 and Thomas Partridge in 1812, in Sydney.

Children of George and Mary:
Ann 1819 married Samuel Hunt
George James b1821 married Ann (Hannah) Whybrow.
    Children of George and Ann:
    Sarah b1843 married George Cunningham
    George b1851 married Sarah Charker (Chalker)
            Children of George and Sarah:
            Ann b1877 : Sophia b1878
            Amy b1881 married Andrew Soldi
            Gerturde b1883 : Louisa b1880 : Bertie b1890 :
            William J b1857 married Jessie G Loseby
            John J b1848

John 1824 - 1852
Joseph b1827