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Descendants of

Griffith Parry

1. Griffith William Parry was born in 1799 in Shoreditch London England. He died in 1859 in Gosford. He was buried in St Thomas Cem Upper Mangrove Creek.


Griffith married (1) Mary Anne Mustare (Musty) in 1826 in Windsor. Mary was born in 1799 in Wexford Ireland. She died in 1844 in Mangrove Creek.


Griffith and Mary had the following children:

+ 2 M i Henry William Parry
  3 F ii Catharine Parry was born in 1828 in Windsor .
+ 4 M iii Griffith William Parry
+ 5 F iv Mary Ann Parry
+ 6 F v Jane Elizabeth Parry
+ 7 F vi Eliza Jane Parry
  8 F vii Margaret Parry was born in 1839 in MacDonald . She died in 1904 in Upper Mangrove. She was buried in St Thomas Cem Upper Mangrove Creek.
        Margaret married Richard Woodbury son of Richard Woodbury and Jane Neale in 1868 in Brisbane Waters. Richard was born in 1840 in Hawkesbury. He died in 1874 in Warialda. Richard's paternal grandparents were Richard Woodbury (Convict - Fortune) and Sarah Everingham, daughter of Matthew Everingham (Convict - Scarborough) and Elizabeth Rimes (Convict - Neptune). His maternal grandparents were James Neale (Convict - Glatton) and Charlotte Huxley, daughter of Thomas Huxley (Convict - Salamander) and Ann Forbes (Convict - Prince of  Wales).

Griffith married (2) Margaret Kelly daughter of William Kelly and Ellen Toomey in 1845 in Brisbane Water. Margaret was born in 1819 in Limerick Ireland. She died in 1902 in Mangrove Creek.

They had the following children:

  9 F viii Helena Parry was born in 1846 in McDonald River . She died in 1906. [Notes]
        Helena married William Gannon son of Michael Gannon and Mary Parsonage in 1883 in Sydney. William was born in 1831. He died in 1894. [Notes]
+ 10 F ix Ann Parry
  11 F x Sarah Parry was born in 1853. She died in 1903 in Gosford.
+ 12 F xi Susan Clara Parry
  13 F xii Matilda Adelaide Parry was born in 1857 in Gosford. She died in 1927 in North Sydney.

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