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 Descendants of

 Henry Kable

First Generation

1. Henry Kable was born in 1762 in Suffolk England. He died in 1846 in Windsor. He was buried in St Matthews Windsor.

Henry married Susannah Holmes daughter of Joshua Holmes and Eunice Brooks in 1788 in Sydney. Susannah was born in 1764 in Surlingham Norfolk England. She died in 1825. She was buried in Windsor St Mathews.

Henry was convicted of burglary at Thetford, Norfolk in 1784.  He was sentenced to death which was commuted to transportation 14 years.

Henry met Susannah whilst in gaol. Susannah had been convicted of burglary, at Thetford,  in March 1784.  They applied to marry three times but were denied permission  Susannah bore their first child, Henry, whilst she was in prison.  Susannah was transferred to a prison hulk to await transportation.  When she boarded the Friendship the ship's captain refused to take the baby on board.  The turnkey took the baby and travelled to London to place their plight before Lord Sydney, who gave orders that the baby should travel with his mother to Sydney.  Publicity from their case resulted in many donations of food, clothing and money for the young couple.  Henry, Susannah and Henry Jnr.  arrived in Sydney, in January 1788.  Upon their arrival,  it was found their donations had been plundered and Henry sued the master of the ship, in the first lawsuit case in the Colony.  Henry won and was awarded fifteen pounds.

Henry and Susannah had the following children:

  2 M i Henry Kable was born in 1786 in England Norfolk Norwich Norwich Castle. He died in 1852 in The Oaks . He was buried in St Matthews The Oaks. [Notes]
+ 3 F ii Dianna Kable
  4 M iii Enoch Kable was born in 1791 in Sydney. He died in 1793. He was buried in beneath Sydney Town Hall.
  5 M iv James Kable was born in 1793. He died in 1809 in Straits of Malacca (murdered by pirates). [Notes]
  6 F v Susannah Kable was born in 1796 in Sydney. She died in 1885 in Vanderville Camden. [Notes]
        Susannah married James Mileham in 1819 in Windsor St Matthews. James was born in 1764 in France. He died in 1824. He was buried in Devonshire St. CE. [Notes]
+ 7 M vi George Esto Kable
+ 8 F vii Eunice Kable
+ 9 M viii William Nathaniel Kable
+ 10 M ix John (Jack) Kable
  11 M x Charles Dickenson Cable was born in 1804. He died in 1878 in Penrith. [Notes]
        Charles married Mary Charlton daughter of William Charlton and Mary Getty in 1825 in Windsor St Matthews. Mary was born in 1809 in Sydney . She died in 1853 in Penrith .
+ 12 M xi Edgar James Kable

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