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Descendants of

Isaac Cornwell

First Generation


1. Isaac Cornwell was born in 1774. He died in 1811 in Richmond.

Isaac was convicted at Maidstone Kent, of theft, in 1790 . He was sentenced to transportation for seven years and arrived on 'William & Ann (3rd Fleet)


Isaac married Margaret Mary Stocker in 1797 in Sydney. Margaret was born in 1775. She died in 1828.

'Indispensable' in 1796. She was arrested for stealing 2 yards of cloth valued at 5 shillings and sentenced for 7 years at the age of 16.


Isaac and Margaret had the following children:

+ 2 M i Isaac Cornwell
+ 3 M ii Abraham Cornwell
+ 4 F iii Rebecca Cornwell
+ 5 M iv John Cornwell
+ 6 F v Charlotte Cornwell


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