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                   Descendants of

James Aldis

First Generation

1. James Aldis was born in 1833 in Worcester England. He died in 1918 in Qld. He was buried in Killarney Gen Cem Qld.


James married Jane Willett daughter of George Willett and Sarah Maria Tomkins in 1855 in Canning Downs Qld . Jane was born in 1839 in Brook End Shenley Buck. England. She died in 1916 in Killarney Qld. She was buried in Killarney Gen Cem Qld.


James and Jane had the following children:

+ 2 F i Amelia Aldis
+ 3 F ii Caroline Aldis
+ 4 F iii Sarah Jane Aldis
+ 5 M iv James Henry Hartin Aldis
+ 6 M v Thomas William Aldis
+ 7 F vi Jane Aldis
+ 8 F vii Emily Rachel Aldis
  9 F viii Ellen Aldis was born in 1874 in Qld. She died in 1874.
  10 M ix George Aldis was born in 1875 in Qld. He died in 1912. He was buried in Killarney Qld.
        George married Mary Jane Arbuthnott daughter of Thomas Arbuthnott and Mary Brown in 1905 in Qld. Mary died in 1975 in Qld.


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