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                           Descendants of

James Brackenrig

James was born in Scotland circa 1758 and died at Freeman's Reach, NSW, in 1844. He was the son of James Brackenrig and Elizabeth French. James was a Private in the NSW Corps and arrived in Sydney on the Neptune, in June 1790. He married
Catherine Eades (nee Miller) in Sydney in 1796. Catherine 'came free' as the wife of Joseph Eades, whom she married in England.  Joseph also was a Private in NSW Corps. He was drowned in Sydney in 1796.

Children of Catherine and Joseph:
    Ann Eades 1793 married Samuel Young
    Mary Eades 1795
    Joseph Eades 1789 Birmingham - 1864 Orange, NSW married Elizabeth Pritchard in
            Children of Joseph and Elizabeth:
                    Henry 1814 England - 1857 Orange
                    Mary 1815 England - 1850 West Maitland
                    Joseph 1818 Pitt Town, NSW - 1879 Dubbo - married Ann
                    Eleanor  1820 Sydney - 1880 West Maitland - married
                         John Thomas Collins
                    Edward J 1823 Sydney
                    William 1825 Sydney
    Elizabeth Eades 1792
    Vienna Brackenrig Eades 1796 (both born Sydney).

Catherine died in childbirth in 1804.

Children of James Brackenrig and Catherine Miller:

Charles James Brackenrig born 1797  Sydney. married Marion Grace (Mary) Stubbs in 1819 in Sydney

                      Children of Charles and Marion :
                                    Jane 1821 - married Charles Robins
                                    Elizabeth Esther 1823 - married Thomas B
                                    James Thomas George 1825  - married Caroline
                                        Bee Sharpley
                                                Children: James T born 1852
                                                                   Albert A 1854
                                                                   Arthur A 1854
                                    Vienna Charlotte (Emma) 1827 - married John
                                    Charles John 1829 - married Mary Ann Bailey
                                                 Child: Marion S born 1860
                                    George Robert 1834
                                    Ann Susannah 1836 - married Andrew Doyle
                                    Oswald Robin 1837 - married Catherine

     Sarah Brackenrig born 1801
     John Brackenrig born 1804.