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Descendants of

James Timmins

First Generation

1. James Timmins was born in 1757 in Cavan Ireland. He died in 1837 in Windsor .

Convict - 1798 - Irish Rebellion. Arrived on the Friendship .

James married Ann Baldwin daughter of John Baldwin and Hannah Wire in 1807 in Sydney. Ann was born in 1784 in London England. She died in 1884 in Windsor.

Ann was convicted at the Old Bailey in 1805 of stealing from
her employer. Her sister Mary, aged 14, was convicted of
receiving the stolen goods.  Mary was imprisoned in Newgate
for two months.   Ann was sentenced to transportation an
d arrived in the Colony in 1807 on the Sydney Cove.

James and Ann had the following children:

2 M i Michael Timmins was born in 1808.      Michael Timmins
He died in 1850 in Windsor .
He is buried at Windsor.
+ 3 F ii Mary Timmins
  4 M iii William Timmins was born in 1811. He died
in 1907 in Richmond .
+ 5 F iv Ann Timmins
+ 6 F v Margaret Timmins
+ 7 F vi Catherine Timmins
  8 M vii Patrick Timmins was born in 1820 in Sydney. He died in 1898 in Richmond .
+ 9 M viii Henry Timmins
+ 10 M ix John Timmins
+ 11 F x Bridget Timmins
+ 12 F xi Elizabeth Timmins
+ 13 F xii Agnes Timmins
  14 M xiii James Timmins was born in 1830. He died in 1838 in Windsor .

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