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Descendants of John Teale

First Generation

1. John Teale was born on 15 Feb 1789 in Garforth York England. He died in 1852 in Windsor.

[Notes]                                                   Early Days .... Notes

John married Dianna Kable daughter of Henry Kable(Convcit - Friendship) and Susannah Holmes(Convict - Friendship) in 1818 in Windsor. Dianna was born on 5 Dec 1788 in NSW. She died in 1855.


John and Dianna had the following children:

+ 2 M i John Henry Teale
  3 F ii Caroline Emmaline Teale was born in 1821 in Pitt Town. She died in 1854.
  4 F iii Diana Blanch Teale was born in 1823 in Pitt Town. She died in 1843.
  5 M iv Joseph Thomas Teale was born in 1825 in Pitt Town. He died in 1901 in Granville. [Notes]
+ 6 M v Henry William Teale

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