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Descendants of

Mary Ann Davison

Mary Davison (aka Davidson) c1768 in Kirkaldie, Fifeshire, Scotland. She was convicted at Northumberland in 1788 of stealing ten muslin handkerchiefs and sixteen yards of silk. She arrived on the Lady Juliana. In 1793, Mary married John Cross, a convict who arrived on the Alexander.


Elizabeth born 1794. 

William J 1797-1845 - Married Elizabeth Stallard

 James Thomas 1796 Parramatta - 1886 Gloucester (NSW) - Married Elizabeth  Wicker.

David 1799 Parramatta - 1869 Windsor - Married Charlotte Elizabeth Johnson,  daughter of George Johnson (a convict on the Matilda ) and Mary Watts ( a convict on the Mary Ann).
                Children of Charlotte and David:
                       John born 1823
                       Charlotte born 1827                                       
                       Thomas J 1829-1804 - married Mary A
                       Mary A born 1831
                       Ann born 1833
                       Alexander G born 1837
                       David G C born 1841

John born 1801

Alexander 1803 Parramatta - 1886 Liverpool. Married Elizabeth Riley.

           Ann born 1805 - Married Richard Cavanough, son of Owen Cavanough (able seaman on the Sirius ) and Margaret Dowling (convict on the Prince of Wales).

              Mary Ann born 1806 - Married Richard William Cobcroft. Richard was the son of John Frederick Cobcroft
(Convict - Scarborough) and Sarah Smith (arrived free on the  Neptune).

Sarah 1812 - Lower Portland Head - 1829 Windsor. Married  John Herps  (Convict - Shipley).