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Descendants of

Philip Devine 

(aka John Tennant)

Philip was born in Essex circa 1761 and died at Wilberforce in 1821 (buried as Philip Devine). He was convicted at Chelmsford, Essex, as Thomas Hilton Tennant,  in 1786 of stealing seventeen shillings. He arrived on the Alexander.

In 1790 he was sent to Norfolk Island where he cohabited with Ann Doyle who arrived as a convict on the Lady Juliana. Ann was convicted at Kent, aged 18, of burglary. Ann married William Parsons in 1812 in Tasmania. She died in Tasmania in 1822.

Children of Philip and Ann:   Sarah Devine born 1791 married (1) Evan Henry Thomas   (2) Richard Wallis  (3) William Wilson

 Rebecca born 1794 Norfolk Island - married (1) Joseph Edward  Breedon
               (2) James Haydock Reily       Edward 1796 married Rosetta Pearson
            Children of Edward and Rosetta:
             Philip b 1819
             Rebecca b1821 married Bernard
                 Levy in 1836 at Wilberforce.
             Thomas b1824
             Matilda b1828
             Joseph b1833
             Sarah b1838 - married Henry
                 Stevenson in  Sydney in 1857
             Edward married Rosanna
                 McKeogh in 1850  at Newcastle