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Descendants of

Richard Alcorn

First Generation

1. Richard Alcorn was born in 1771 in Lingfield Surrey England. He died in 1812 in Windsor NSW Australia. He was buried in St Matthews C of E Windsor.


Richard married Sarah Stedman daughter of William Stedman in 1795 in London. Sarah was born in 1776 in Middlesex England. She died in 1832 in South Creek NSW.


Richard and Sarah had the following children:

+ 2 M i Richard Alcorn
  3 F ii Sarah Alcorn was born in 1809 in Windsor. She died in 1938.
        Sarah married John Browne in 1848.
+ 4 M iii Edward John Alcorn
  5 F iv Mary Ann Alcorn was born in 1804 in Windsor. She died in 1858 in Moree NSW.
        Mary married Thomas Cullen in 1828 in Windsor.
+ 6 F v Elizabeth Mary Alcorn
+ 7 M vi John Alcorn

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