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Descendants of

Thomas Arndell

First Generation

1. Thomas Arndell was born in 1753 in Hereford England. He died in 1821 in Windsor NSW.


Thomas married (1) Susanna.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i John Arndell
3 F ii Anne Arndell was born in 1779 in England.
  4 F iii Martha Arndell was born in Aug 1781.
  5 F iv Mary Ann Arndell was born in 1785. She died in 1884.

Thomas (2) Delphine Isabella Francesca Foscari (did not marry).

They had the following children:

  6 F v Esther Arndell was born in 1781 in England. She died in 1946 in Goulburn.
        Esther married William Hilton Hovell. William was born in 1784. He died in 1875 in Goulburn.

Thomas married (3) Elizabeth Burley(Burleigh Dalton) in 1807. Elizabeth was born in 1766. She died in 1843 in Cattai.


Thomas and Elizabeth had the following children:

  7 F vi William B Arndell was born in 1790 in Parramatta. She died in 1792 in Parramatta.
  8 F vii Elizabeth Emily Arndell was born in 1792 in Parramatta. She died in 1868 in Tasmania.
        Elizabeth married James Gordon Lakeland in 1814. James died. [Notes]
+ 9 F viii Mary Louisa Arndell
+ 10 F ix Sarah Arndell
+ 11 M x Thomas Arndell
+ 12 M xi James Arndell
13 F xii Frances Hannah Arndell died in 1887 in Tasmania.