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Descendants of Thomas Crossley

First Generation

1. Thomas Crossley was born in 1802 in Bedford England. He died in 1874 in Ellalong. He was buried in Wollombi O.

Thomas was convicted in 1827, at Lincolnm of highway robbery (second offence). He arrived on the Phoenix.


Thomas married Anne Bailey daughter of William Henry Bailey and Margaret Bradley Jones in 1840 in Wisemans Ferry. Anne was born in 1821 in Portland Head. She died in 1864 in Wollombi . She was buried in Wollombi O.

Anne's paternal grandparents were William Bailey (Convict - Matilda) and Ann Archer (Convict - Indispensible). Her maternal grandparents were James Bradley (Convict - William and Ann) and Elizabeth James (Saville) (Convict - Lady Juliana).

They had the following children:

+ 2 F i Margaret Crossley
+ 3 M ii Thomas Crossley
+ 4 F iii Mary Crossley
+ 5 M iv William Arthur Crossley
  6 F v Emily Crossley was born in 1850 in Macdonald River . She died in 1919 in Gunnedah .
  7 F vi Susannah Crossley was born in 1854 in Watagan Creek . She died in 1896 in Congewai .
+ 8 F vii Elizabeth Ann Crossley
+ 9 M viii James Thomas Crossley
+ 10 M ix George Richard Crossley
+ 11 M x John Crossley

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