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Descendants of Thomas Woolaston

First Generation

1. Thomas Woolaston was christened in 1807 in Birmingham Warwick England. He died in 1891 in Somerton .


Thomas married Mary Ann Baker daughter of Samuel Baker and Harriett on 22 May 1851 in Tamworth. Mary died in 1905 in Tamworth .

They had the following children:

  2 F i Mary Ann Woolaston was born in 1855 in Peel River Tamworth. She died in 1855.
+ 3 M ii George Thomas Woolaston
+ 4 M iii Samuel John Woolaston
+ 5 F iv Harriett Woolaston
+ 6 M v John Charles Woolaston
7 M vi Thomas Claverdon Woolaston was born in 1868 in Tamworth . He died in 1886 in Somerton .
+ 8 F vii Sarah Ann Woolaston
+ 9 M viii William Capewell Woolaston

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