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                   Descendants of

            William Baxter

William arrived as a Private in the Royal Marines, on the Alexander.   He married Mary Watts in 1791 on Norfolk Island. Their son, John Mathew Hunter Baxter, was born in 1792 on Norfolk Island.

John arrived in Sydney in 1809, as a Private on the Dromedary. He married Susannah Williams in 1813 in Sydney.
Susannah was born on Norfolk Island in 1792, the daughter of James (John) Williams and Rachel Watkins. James arrived as a Private on the Sirius and Rachel arrived as a convict on the Neptune.

Children of John and Susannah:

William and John  (twins) born 1813.

William married Mary Ann Parrott in 1837.
    Children of William and Mary:

William Thomas b1837
John b1841
Richard b1845
Joseph b1847
Martha Jane b1851
Susan b1854
Ephraim b1857
Alfred Thomas b1860
Thomas b1863

  John Married (1)Maria Morris in 1839  (2) Eliza Harriet Hall in 1849.
        Children of John and Eliza:

Emily A E b1853 married William Grey - 1876 at Kiama
Ada Malvina b1859 married Thomas Edwards - 1879  Kiama
Ephraim b1861
Julia Rebecca b1867 married John Douglass - 1884 Greta