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Descendants of

William Broughton 

William was born in 1768 in Chatham, Kent and died in Appin, NSW in 1821. He arrived in NSW on the Charlotte as a servant to John White, (surgeon). He cohabited with Elizabeth Heathorn (aka Ann Glassop).


Mary Ann Broughton 1793 -
                    married Lieut. Thomas Carne
Sarah H Broughton 1799c -
                    married Charles Throsby Smith
William Henry Broughton 1802 - married Mary Ward
Rebecca Broughton 1804 - married Cornelius O'Brien
Elizabeth Isabella Broughton 1807

Elizabeth Heathorn died in New Zealand in 1809.

In 1810, William married Elizabeth Charlotte Kennedy.

Children:  James Gordon Broughton 1811
                   Frances Matilda Broughton 1814 -
                   married Benjamin Clayton
                   Emma Carne Broughton 1815 -
                   married  James Garland
                   John Archer Broughton 1818 -
                    married Isabella Bingham
                   Elizabeth Broughton 1820
                   Mary Broughton 1828
                   Robert Kennedy Broughton 1820 -
                    married Sarah Emma Church

Children of Robert and Sarah:
        Elizabeth Broughton 1844
        Sarah A Broughton 1845
                married Henry John Sharp
        Robert Kennedy Broughton 1847 -
                married Mary Ann Hayes
        Emma C Broughton 1850
        William A Broughton 1852
        Emily Barbara Broughton 1853
        Jane Howe Broughton 1855 -
                married William Charles
                                        Cozens Webb

        Marian Church Broughton 1857 -
                 married William Oke Manning
        John A Broughton 1859
        James H E Broughton 1861 -
                  married Mary A Smith