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Descendants of

William Eaton

First Generation

1. William Eaton was born in 1769 in Bethnal Green London England. He died in 1858 in Richmond.


William married (1) Jane Ison Lloyd daughter of James Lewis Lloyd and Eleanor Brown in 1800 in Sydney. Jane was born in 1770 in Stepney London England. She died in 1823 in Richmond.

William and Jane had the following children:

+ 2 F i Mary Ann Eaton
  3 M ii Joseph Eaton.
  4 M iii William Eaton was born in 1802. He died in 1811.
+ 5 M iv Daniel Eaton
+ 6 F v Susannah Eaton
  7 M vi George Eaton was born in 1809. He died in 1832.
+ 8 M vii John Eaton
+ 9 F viii Ann Eaton

William married (2) Jane Forster(Foster) in 1824 in Richmond. Jane was born in 1774 in Cumberland England. She died in 1840 in Richmond.


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