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Descendants of

William Ezzy

 and Jane Floyd

1. William1 Ezzy(Izzy, Hizzy, born 1767 in Beenham, Berk, England; died 1830 in  Windsor, NSW, Australia,  son of William Hizzy and Mary (---). He married (1)  Jane Mills in 1829 , born 1765; (2) in 1792 Jane Floyd, christened 1770 in Chelsea, London, England, died 1821, daughter of Caesar Floyd and Isabella MacKenzie.

Notes for William Ezzy(Izzy, Hizzy

Sentenced for theft. Arrived on Royal Admiral with wife Jane and daughter Louisa

Notes for Jane Floyd

Free settler arrived with Convict husband and daughter Louisa

Children of William Ezzy(Izzy, Hizzy) and Jane Floyd were as follows:

2 i Louisa2 Ezzy, born 1792 in England Southwark.

3 ii Charles2 Ezzy, born 1805 in Australia NSW Windsor; died 1847 in Richmond, NSW. He married in 1830 in  Windsor -  Catherine Bootle, born 1810 in  Pitt Town, NSW; died 1856 in Windsor, daughter of John Bootle (Convict - arrived Neptune) and Catherine Soar.

+ 4 iii Elizabeth2 Ezzy. She married (1) Joseph Dargin; (2) Charles Hughes.

+ 5 iv John2 Ezzy, born 1795. He married (1) Rebecca Lamb

6 v Louisa (Lucy)2 Ezzy, born 1798 in Australia NSW Windsor; died 1875 in Australia NSW Richmond. She married (1) Apl 1850 in  Central Tablelands, NSW,  John Roberts, born 1801 in  Sydney, NSW; died 1880 in  Windsor, son of William Roberts(Convict) and Kezia Brown(Convict); (2) William Thomas (Bayliss), born 1794 in Sydney; died 1849 in Clarendon, NSW,  son of Elizabeth Thomas (Convict - arrived Bellona).

7 vi Mary2 Ezzy, born 1800 in  Hawkesbury, NSW.. She married John? Mayho. , in 1839 in Richmond , NSW.

+ 8 vii Sophia2 Ezzy, born 1807. She married James Dargin.

Generation 2

4. Elizabeth2 Ezzy (William1). She married (1) on 10 Jan 1825 in Australia NSW Windsor St Matthews Joseph Dargin, born 11 Aug 1803 in Australia NSW Hawkesbury; died 28 Jan 1855 in Australia NSW Windsor, son of Thomas Dargin and Mary Hornsby(Houndsby) (Convict - arrived Royal Admiral) Loveridge; (2) Charles Hughes.

Children of Elizabeth Ezzy and Joseph Dargin were as follows:

9 i Charles Hughes3 Dargin, born 1833 in Australia NSW Richmond.

10 ii Edwin Hughes3 Dargin, born 1843 in Australia NSW Windsor.

11 iii Francis Hughes3 Dargin, born 1835 in Australia NSW Windsor.

12 iv George Hughes3 Dargin, born 1847 in Australia NSW Richmond.

13 v Henry Hughes3 Dargin, born 1841 in Australia NSW Windsor.

14 vi James3 Dargin, born 3 Feb 1830 in Australia NSW Windsor.

15 vii John Hughes3 Dargin, born 1838; died 1839.

16 viii Thomas3 Dargin, born 25 Sep 1827 in Australia NSW Windsor.


5. John2 Ezzy (William1), born 1795. He married in 1817 Rebecca Lamb, born 1797, daughter of Henry Lamb and Elizabeth Chambers (Convict - arrived Kitty);

Children of John Ezzy and Rebecca Lamb:

William J Ezzy born 1818 Richmond.
                                                                   Elizabeth born 1819 Richmond. Married    
                                                                   Richard Skuthorp  in 1836. Richard was born 1817   
                                                                   Richmond, the son of Richard Skuthorp and Ellen

                                                                   John 1824 - 1892. Married Charlotte Cornwell.

Children of John Ezzy and Charlotte Cornwell were as follows:

17 i Abraham John3 Ezzy, born 5 Aug 1851 in Australia NSW Maitland; died 18 Aug 1921 in Australia Qld Biggenden; buried in Australia Qld Brooweena St Marys. He married on 6 Aug 1872 in Australia Qld Maryborough St Pauls Victoria Eaton, born 1 Mar 1854 in Australia NSW Windsor Roseberry; died 28 Mar 1942 in Australia Qld Biggenden, daughter of John Eaton and Mary Ann Onus.


8. Sophia2 Ezzy (William1), born 1807. She married in 1824 James Dargin, born 11 Apr 1805 in Australia NSW Hawkesbury; died 27 Jan 1850, son of Thomas Dargin and Mary Hornsby(Houndsby) Loveridge.

Children of Sophia Ezzy and James Dargin were as follows:

18 i Albert Sidney3 Dargin, born 1848; died 1925.

19 ii Eliza3 Dargin, born 1829.

20 iii Emily Marie3 Dargin, born 1842 in  Windsor. She married William Forrester.

21 iv Jane Ann3 Dargin, born 1831; died 1833.

22 v Louisa Mary3 Dargin, born 1844 in  Clarendon, NSW; died 1926 in  Windsor.

23 vi Sophia Jane3 Dargin, born 1837 in Windsor; died 1839.

24 vii William Thomas3 Dargin, born 1840; died 1896.