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Descendants of

William Saltmarsh

William was born in 1770 at Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey.  In 1785 at Surrey, he was convicted of stealing five handkerchiefs and arrived on the Alexander.
His occupation was listed as Cooper.
After his arrival in the colony he was charged with stealing liquor and being drunk and was sentenced to fifty lashes.  He also received fifty lashes for stealing the oars from a boat.
William was responsible for capturing a bushranger, known as Black Caesar in 1789. He was sent to Norfolk Island in 1790 and in 1792 sentenced to one hundred lashes for theft and was detained at the Governor's pleasure in a gaol gang. 

Whilst on Norfolk Island he cohabited with Mary Butler who arrived as a convict on the Lady Juliana. Their son William was born in 1792. After Mary, he cohabited with Elizabeth Holligan, a convict on the Prince of Wales. Elizabeth bore William's daughter, Ann, in 1799.
William left Norfolk Island for Bengal.

Some connected surnames: Hodgetts, Riley, Stevens, Wise,