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Descendants of

Ann Carey

First Generation

1. Ann Carey was born in 1772. She died in 1830 in Launceston Tas .

Ann was convicted in Norfolk in 1789 and arrived on Neptune in 1790.

Ann married (1) Stephen Gilbert in 1791. Stephen died in 1799 in Bankstown.

They had the following children:

+ 2 F i Sarah Gilbert
  3 F ii Hannah Gilbert was born in 1795 in Sydney.
  4 M iii John Gilbert was born in 1797 in Sydney. He died in 1799.

Ann married (2) Theophilus Feutrill son of Sarah Fewtrell in 1799 in St Phillip's Sydney . Theophilus was born in 1771 in Staffordshire England. He died in 1821.


Theophilus and Ann had the following children:

  5 M iv Theophilus Futrill was born in 1799. He died in 1799.
  6 F v Elizabeth Feutrill was born in 1800. She died in 1801. [Notes]
  7 M vi Theophilus Futrile was born in 1801.
+ 8 F vii Mary Feutrill
+ 9 M viii Theophilus Feutrill
+ 10 F ix Elizabeth Feutrill
+ 11 M x Samuel Feutrill
  12 F xi Ann Feutrill was born in 1812. She died in 1819.
  13 M xii James Feutrill was born in 1813 in Port Dalrymple. He died in 1889 in Ballarat Vic.
        James married Elizabeth Neil in 1851 in Adelaide SA.
  14 M xiii Thomas Feutrill was born in 1814 in Port Dalrymple. He died in 1831 in Launceston Tas.


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