Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Ann Carey


Theophilus Feutrill

NSW Corps/ Arrived on the Neptune (2nd Fleet). Returned to England with son Joseph.

Theophilus hung himself with two pocket handkerchiefs..

Surname Fateral on Qld death certificate of son.

Mary Ann Futrill:(Tasmanian archives), also Fewtrill, Fentrill

6. Elizabeth Feutrill

Elizabeth married John Tibbs 3 Aug 1824 at St John's Launceston and died in 1828.

Elizabeth was abducted by Thomas Jeffrey/Jefferies the bushranger, while carrying her baby. When the baby started crying, Jeffrey grabbed it and bashed it against a tree.  He raped Mrs Tibbs.

Murder at Launceston
"It is with feelings of the utmost horror, that we have to make public the following appalling circumstance. On Saturday last, Jeffrey, the notorious villain, who lately broke out of the Launceston watch-house, accompanied with the two miscreants who followed him, after having robbed Mr. Barnard's hut, proceeded to the residence of a respectable Settler named Tibbs, about 5 miles from Launceston. They arrived there about noon. Mr. Tibbs and his wife, a young and respectable woman, to whom he had been married about two years, with their child, and a servant of a neighbouring Settler, named Basham, were in the house. The ruffians attempted to bind them, but upon their offering resistance, these diabolical murderers shot them both. The man fell dead; Mr. Tibbs was dangerously wounded, but he escaped with his life, and contrived to give an alarm. The whole town of Launceston, with one accord, rushed out after the murderous villains; but the unhappy female and her child were gone. About 3 o'clock on Sunday, she returned to her forlorn residence. She was in a state of distraction. The daemons had murdered her infant. We cannot relate the rest. The agitation this dreadful event has excited is beyond expression. We hope and trust the execrable monsters may be quickly brought to condign punishment.

Source: Colonial Times and Tasmanian Advertiser 6 Jan 1826