Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Ann Carey


Theophilus Feutrill

NSW Corps/ Arrived on the Neptune (2nd Fleet). Returned to England with son Joseph.

Theophilus hung himself with two pocket handkerchiefs..

Surname Fateral on Qld death certificate of son.

Mary Ann Futrill:(Tasmanian archives), also Fewtrill, Fentrill

6. Elizabeth Feutrill

Elizabeth married John Tibbs 3 Aug 1824 at St John's Launceston and died in 1828
St John's Register of burials " No 143 - Elizabeth Tibbs of Launceston, buried March 18, 1828 aged 21 yrs, born in the colony.
Elizabeth was abducted by Thomas Jeffrey/Jefferies the bushranger, while carrying her baby. When the baby started crying, Jeffrey grabbed it and bashed it against a tree.  He raped Mrs Tibbs.