Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Ann Carey

Notes - Page 2

2. Sarah Gilbert

Married as Sarah Gould

Died from complications of child birth. William committed suicide three days later.

William Fellowes Baker

Soldier 46th Foot Regiment

Dreadful Event
By Letter, which left Launceston on Tuesday, it appears that the wife of Mr. W.F. Baker, a very respected settler residing on the Lake Plains died in childbed. The midwife, it seems was rather intoxicated, and the death of Mrs. Baker is in some measure attributed in consequence, at least such is the report in the neighbourhood. The unfortunate husband took the death of his wife so much to heart, that on the Friday following, he cut his throat, whereby in five mintues afterwards, he became a lifeless corpse alongside his deceased partner,  leaving four young orphan children (including the new born baby) to lament their loss. The little infant is likely to live.
Source: The Colonial Times 4 Aug 1826.

George Smith

aka George S Holmes Soldier

9. Theophilus Feutrill

aka Fentrill

settled in South Australia