Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Ann Carey

Notes - Page 3

Samuel J Cobbledick

Samuel leased one square mile of land, near Werribee Vic, from Simon Staughton in 1868. He had extended this to 1000 acres by 1879. The family leased the property until 1899. The ruins of the house still remain.
Cobbledick's farm was the first record of an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Australia.
In 1935 in an auction notice the house was described as having 4 rooms, a large milling shed and outbuildings.

33. Mary Ann Feutrill

By special licence, at St. John's church, by the Rev. Jas. M. Norman, Robert Septimus, youngest son of Commander Henry Percy Pryce, R. N., K. T., and S. of H.M.S. Monarch, 84, and Royal Naval Rendezvous, Bristol, to Mary Ann, second daughter of Samuel Feutrill, Esq., of Launceston.