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I having been researching family trees for around thirty years and now, because of the time spent in research I charge for information. 
Where possible, I will provide all available information ...for example.... date and place of birth, spouse with date and place of birth, children with dates and places of birth, occupations, date and place of marriage, residences, date and place of death and any notes eg. immigration information etc.
The charges also include any extra research you may require and links I can provide. 
I may be able to provide contact information for living relatives. This is also included in the price. 
 The charges are:
$AUS15 for up to ten names.
$AUS25 for ten to forty names.
$AUS40 for forty to eighty names.
$AUS 50 for over eighty names.
When I receive an enquiry I will check my database and advise you of the type of information I can supply on a particular person.

You will only be charged if you want me to supply the specific information.
No credit card required - payment by direct deposit.