Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Charles Hadley


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14. William Landers


15. Lucy Ann Landers

Licensee of Queens Arms from 1865 to 1871

Robert Elliott

Occ: Mail contractor

On the 19th instant, at the Royal Hotel, Goulburn, Mr. ROBERT ELLIOTT, of Penrith, in the forty-third year of his age, leaving an affectionate wife and two children to mourn their loss, and deeply regretted by all who knew him.

Source: The SMH 29 Feb 1868

Robert Forster

THE FRIENDS of Alderman GEORGE LANDERS are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of his deceased BROTHER-IN-LAW, Robert Forster, which will move from Wootton, No. 1 Collins-street, Annandale, THIS (Tuesday) AFTERNOON, at a quarter past 1 o'clock, for Mortuary station, and thence to Rookwood Cemetery. WOOD and COMPANY. Undertakers.

Source: The SMH 18 Dec 1894

James Tobias Ryan

MLA at time of marriage

William Landers


Julius Lippmann

Soap Manufacturer

Sudden Death of Mr. Julius Lippman

The public will hear with surprise and regret of the sudden death of a well known citizen, Mr. Julius Lipmann, which took place yesterday, at his residence, Argyle Place from apoplexy. It appears Mr. Lippmann went to his office, in Spring-street, at 10 o'clock yesterday morning, accompanied by Mrs. Lipmann and child. After remaining there a short time he requested they would go home and he would follow them in order to attend the funeral of a deceased friend, Mr. Rawack as soon as he had transacted business with a friend or client whom he expected to call. At this time Mrs. Lipmann observed that he appeared to be much depressed in spirits, the parting was more affectionate than usual. Shortly before noon he engaged a cab at the Bridge-Street stand and when the vehicle arrived opposite the Fortune of War, he was seized with a sudden illness and called out for a drink of water, which was obtained. A crowd collected, round the cab, and one of the persons present, a German gentleman, recognised Mr. Lipmann, and jumped into the cab in order to see him home. Mr. Lipmann was so confused that he could not tell at that moment where he lived; but when the cab reached the corner of Trinity Church, after going through the Argyle Cut, Mrs. Lipmann was seen in the verandah of her residence, No 5, Grimes-buildings, Argyle Place. He exclaimed, ''that is my wife,' and was driven up to the door. Mrs. Lipmann endeavoured to lift him out of the cab, when he said, ' On no, Mary, you can do no good for me,' and expired be fore he could be got out of the cab. Drs. Hamilton and Anderson were promptly in attendance, but the family physician. Dr. Laurie, was called in, and after examination of the body, gave a certificate to the effect that deceased had been suffering from congestion of the brain, And had died in an apoplectic fit. Dr. Laurie had attended Mr. Lipmann during the past fortnight for affection of the brain, and had recommended de ceased to give up for a time his business. Deceased had within the last eleven years, been suffering from apoplectic fits. Under these circumstances an inquest is not deemed necessary Mr. Lipmann- originally came out to this colony about twenty years ago in the mail steamship Formosa, and in the year 1858, having returned to England for that purpose, brought ont 750 Cornish labourers to complete the Melbourne and Mount Alexander railway.

Source: Evening News 14 Jan 1873

135. Sydney George Webb Lippmann

FUNERAL.—The Friends of Mr. JULIUS LIPPMANN, of 106, Harrington-street, are informed that the Funeral of his eldest Son, SYDNEY GEORGE WEBB, will take place THIS (Saturday) AFTERNOON, at 2 o'clock. R. STEWART, Undertaker, Bathurst and Pitt streets.

Source: The SMH 18 Aug 1866