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Descendants of Charles Hadley


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171. Charles Samuel Titterton

TITTERTON.—November 13, 1943, at Marrickville, Charles Samuel Titterton, husband of Clarissa, in his 71st year. Privately cremated November 15.

Source: The SMH 17 Nov 1943

Clarissa Eleanor Spenceley

In 1935 living at 6 James St Petersham

474. Ernest Clarence Charles Titterton

Ernest Clarence Charles Titterton (18 1/2) and George Coghlan (19) , pleaded guilty, before Mr. Smithers S.M. at the Newtown Police Court, to a charge of stealing a half-sovereign, the property of Henry Muir, at Camperdown, on January 6.  Evidence was given that Muir, a laundryman, at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, left his clothes in his locker, in the dressing room. The accused were window-cleaners at the hospital. When questioned by police, the accused Titterton produced the half-sovereign from the lining of his cap, and said "Coghlan and I went down there at dinner time, and it was arranged that I should go in and see what I could get in the locker. Coghlan was to keep watch, and we agreed to share what I got.". Accused were each fined £2, default one month's imprisonment.

Source: The SMH 9 Jan 1913

Dorothea Emily Henrietta M Mondella

BMD Deaths Reg No 713/1983

Walter Charles Barlow

Charged with assault by Catherine Robinson. Case was discharged when prosecutor failed to appear

Source: Evening News 13 Feb 1875 

178. Arthur Edward Titterton

Divorced in 1918

179. William Charles Hadley Childs

Death of Mr. W. C. H. Childs
Mr. William Charles Hadley Childs died at his residence, Hadley Park, Castlereagh, on Thursday, July 13, at the age of 87 years.  The late Mr. Childs was born at Castlereagh, and lived in the district all his life. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Childs, of Castlereagh. He was married to Hannah Howell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Howell, of Castlereagh, and sister of the late W. P. Howell, of international cricket fame, and of Mr. Athol Howell.  Mrs. Childs died in 1917.
Deceased will be remembered by many local people with the greatest respect and with affection. Kindness and goodwill were in his' make-up. He was one of the many fine cricketers that Castlereagh has produced through the years. (We doubt if any country district in the State has done much better than Castlereagh in this way). He was a member of the old Castlereagh team that won the Lees Shield, a fine trophy presented by the late S. E. Lees, who was a member for Nepean 40 and 50 years ago, and, with the late Charlie Wright, who died within recent months, was one of the original delegates from Castlereagh to the Nepean District Cricket Association.
Mr. Childs was a consistent sup porter of the Church of England at Castlereagh, and for the last 25 years was the minister's warden. He was a violinist of no mean ability, and often took part in local concerts. He was generous, helpful, and sincere.  His recreations were fishing and gun shooting, and he left behind some weapons that are relics of a former type of sporting gun. He was one of the first dairy farmers of the district, and for years used to take milk to Richmond.
Mr. Childs is survived by four daughters and two sons-Violet (Mrs. Yeoman, Springwood), Esla, Hannah, Iola (Mrs. Turner, Yarramundi, Alvan (Castlereagh), and William (Castlereagh). There are a number of grandchildren. Mr. Childs was the last of the family of his generation.  The funeral on Friday, July 14, was largely attended, and the service was conducted by the Rector of Emu Plains, the Rev. W. A. Watts. Many beautiful wreaths, including one from the Church Guild at Castlereagh, were forwarded, affording further evidence of the esteem in which the deceased gentleman was held. Among those present was the Mayor of Penrith, Ald. W. L. Chapman.

Source: Nepean Times 20 Jul 1950

Eric Thelwell Yeoman

In the passing of Eric Thelwell Yeomans, who died suddenly at his residence, 133 Bathurst Road, Springwood, on Sunday, aged 69 years, the district has lost one of its finest sons.  He was born at Castlereagh, the younger son of Frank and Eleanor Yeomans.  Farming and orchards were his main interest in the Yarramundi district where he was well liked and respected.  In sporting life he was a member of the then famous Castlereagh cricket eleven.  In later years he was at the City Markets where is it said,
"Eric's word was his bond."   Before his death he was conducting a flourishing business in Springwood.  He married Violet, eldest daughter of the late William Childs, farmer and dairyman of Castlereagh, who with three sons, Gordon, Ted and Ron (all of Springwood) are. left to mourn their loss.  His only brother, Gordon, died of wounds in the 1914-18 war.  After a service at the parlours of Messrs. John Price and Son, Station Street, Penrith, conducted by the Rev. J. Paterson, Church of England, Springwood, the funeral proceeded to the Northern Suburbs.

Source: Nepean Time 25 Jun 1959

501. Victor C Hadley

Victor Charles Hadley was charged with stealing at Castlereagh, on 22nd November, two gold rings, one bottle of scent, two dozen eggs, and four pence in cash-the property of. Miss Hadley.  Constable Parmeter, sworn, stated: On the 28th November, in company with Constable Baker, I saw accused at the Penrith Railway Station; I said to him ' Do you remember some property being missed at your aunt's place at Castlereagh '; he said 'No, I know nothing about it'; I said ' You answer to the description given me of the young man who sold some of them; he said ' It was not me'; I said . Did you ever go by the name of Robert Wilson  he paid ' No,' at first, but afterwards said ' I may as well own up, I took the things from my aunt's place'; I said 'When?'; he said 'Last Friday, I wrote a note to Miss Hadley, I went down to her place, the back door was unloosed, I went in, I got two rings, a bottle of scent and four pence in cash; I then went out to the fowl-house and got two dozen eggs, I sold the eggs; I also sold some fowls and the rings in Penrith, I sold tho rings for 12s 6d this will be a lesson to ma, I'll go to work after this'; I said'' What did you do with the fowls?'; ho said 'I sold them to Mrs Smith';- I then brought him to the police station, Penrith, and charged him with the present charge; he made no reply. Accused had no questions to ask. [Ed note (12shillings 6 pence is approx $1.26)]   Ada Hadley, sworn, stated : I live on a farm and reside at Castlereagh I remember Friday, the 22nd last mouth ; I left home in the morning and returned at about 11 o'clock; I missed some things - two rings, a bottle of scent. and some eggs, etc ; I don't exactly know the value of the things I missed, but I should say it was about £3 ; I know the accused in court, ho is my nephew; I never gave him permission to take the things.  Accused had no questions to ask.  Minnie Everingham, sworn, stated : I am a second-hand dealer and reside in Penrith ; I know the accused before tho court; he came to my place on the Saturday and offered. some rings for sale; I asked him where he got them and whether they were his property ; he said were, and they were keep sakes; I gave him 12s  for them ; I made an entry in the book (produced) in tho name he gave me, Robert Wilson.  Asked if he wished the court to deal with his case, accused answered yes and pleaded guilty.  The Bench, in giving judgment), informed accused that he was disposed to lot him off with a fine this time. If, however, he did not mend his ways his life would be ruined, as this would be his last chance. Fined £5, in default two months' Parramatta Gaol with hard labor. On the promise of his reforming, Miss Hadley paid the fine, the P.M. remarking  that if ho did not go to work and repay tho 1 noble woman whom ho had robbed, and who 1 had now paid his fine to save him front gaol, he would be a contemptuous man. He ordered accused to go.

Source: Nepean Times 7 Dec 1912

Victor Charles Hadley, a young man, pleaded guilty to stealing a suit case, a suit of clothes, four collars, and a razor, the property of Jonah Marks, and one suit of clothes, three shirts, two pairs of pyjamas, two pairs of slippers, and a pair of boots, belonging to Isaac Marks, at Sydney, on January 14; also to stealing a Gladstone bag, an overcoat, a razor, a pair of drumsticks, and a drum stand, the property of Walter Oswald Grimble, at Sydney, on January 24. Hadley was remanded for sentence.

Source: The SMH 4 Mar 1914

183. Arthur William Hadley

HADLEY.—June 13, 1939, at Katoomba, Arthur William, beloved husband of Flora Sarah Hadley, of Leap Road, Blackheath, and fond father of John and Kenneth, aged 70 years. No mourning.
Source: The SMH 14 Jun 1879

Helena Stapleton

DEATH. HOWELL. (nee Stapleton).-July 14. 1944 at- the residence of her daughter (Mrs. Johnson, 30 Dartbrook-road, Auburn) Helena, relict of George Howell, of Brighton Hill, 198 Old Prospect road Wentworthville, beloved mother of George Jack, Star, Les, Bill, Verie, Pat and Eva.

Source: The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate 19 Jul 1944