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Descendants of Charles Whalan

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290. Alfred Allan Cunynghame

Private A. A. Cunynghame, who was one of the few men mentioned in orders by General Birdwood, is the second son of Mr. C. W. Cunynghame, of Oberon. Private Cunynghame was the first recruit to go from Oberon, in the early stages of the war, and took part in the historic landing at Gallipoli.
Source: The SMH 17 May 1916

55. Albert Samuel Cunynghame

Mr. A. S. Cunynghame who brought a draft of cattle from Oberon to Lithgow this week, has never seen Sydney or the sea although he is 78 years old. Mr. Cunynghame says he has no desire to visit the city, but that he might have a look at the Harbour Bridge. Sydney is only a town of high buildings where there are crowds wherever you go, and a place where people are ready to tread on your toes and take you down for your few hard-earned shillings he said to-day.
Mr. Cunynghame was born at Oberon and has lived there all his life. His home was the first post-office at Oberon, which in his early days was known as "Bullock Flat." He often drove cattle to Bathurst in his young days.
Source: The SMH 29 Jun 1935

304. Hilda Victoria Cunynghame

1930 - Lived at 40 Gray St Kogarah

1937 - Lived at 18 High St Carlton

306. Alberta Eveline Cunynghame

1930 - 1933 Lived at 18 Culwalls St Oatley

308. Rowland Sydney Cunynghame

Fishing in Sodwalls Creek, Mr. Rowland Cunynghame, of Lithgow, landed 60 trout, 52 of which were undersized, and were put back into the water. Even the eight retained were small. Mr. Cunynghame considers that this stream should be closed to fishermen for two years to enable the fish, which are of the rainbow variety, to grow.

Source: The SMH 6 Dec 1932.

Daisy E Rogers

RIDING FOR RED CROSS. Mrs. Rowland Cunynghame has proposed a novel way of raising money for the Red Cross. Starting from Bathurst she will ride to Sydney using the old-time side saddle and riding habit. She will stop at the towns en route, where the Red Cross committees in those centres will hold a function, at which she will appear. Mrs. Cunynghame is due in Parramatta on December 17, and will appear at Grace Bros. dance at the Town Hall. Proceeds of this will be given to Parramatta Red Cross.
Source: The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate 4 Nov 1942

57. Arthur Robert Dryborough Cunynghame

LITHGOW. Monday.
At Oberon, Mr. A. R Cunynghame found a half-grown wombat asleep on his farm. He bagged it, intending to give it to the school children for study purposes. He placed the wombat in a box during the night, but it broke out of the box, tunnelled a hole beneath the door of the shed, and on reaching the fence, burrowed under it also.  Wombats are numerous in the district and are giving farmers considerable trouble.
Source: The SMH 13 Aug 1935

323. Leslie Walker (Dick) Cunynghame

Boy Shot.
Leslie Cunynghame, the 15-year-old son of Mr. Arthur Cunynghame, of Oberon, is at present in the District Hospital suffering the effects of a serious gunshot wound in the arm. The lad was on Saturday driving along in a sulky with a loaded gun, when the weapon unexpectedly exploded, the charge entering near the shoulder. The injured boy was brought to Bathurst by motor, being in a serious condition on arrival, but inquiry last night eleted that he was progressing.
Source: The Bathurst Times 15 May 1916

Gun Ends Dramatic Chase SYDNEY, March 15.
Terrified when a shot gun exploded behind him during a dramatic chase to-night, a fugitive leapt and fell 20ft. down the railway embankment at St. Peters. The suspect, a powerful, well- built man, was uninjured by the fall, and fought desperately with three civilians, who held him until wireless patrol officers reached the scene. Leslie Cunynghame was passing the home of John Alexander Monro, St. Peters, when he noticed that a sheet of tin had been torn from the side of a garage. He found that tools in the garage had been disturbed and that the headlights of a car had been interfered with. Cunynghame ran to the house, and with Monro and Carlyle Judd returned to the garage. Three men rushed out, and ran in different directions. One, who climbed up a railway embankment, sprinted along the rails, followed by Cunynghame, Monro, and Judd. Monro, who was armed with a single barrelled shot gun, called on the suspect to halt, and when the man ran on he fired above his head. The fugitive jumped, and crashed down the embankment. The police are searching for the two other men.
Source: The Courier Mail Brisbane 16 Mar 1935

324. Grace E Cunynghame

ANSTISS-CUNYNGHAME. A pretty wedding was celebrated on November 29, in St. Barnabas' Church, Oberon, when Grace, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Cunynghame, was married to Leslie (late lieutenant of 3rd Squadron of A.F.C.), son of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Anstiss, of Blacktown. Rev. I. D. Bromhead officiated. The church was beautifully decorated with arum lilies and roses. The bride, who was given away by her father, was prettily attired in white silk morocain, made in early Victorian style, with a posy of orange blossoms on one shoulder and si ver flowers at the waist. She wore the customary wreath and veil, and carried a beautiful bouquet of white and pink carnations, white roses, lily of the valley, and asparagus fern. Miss Una Cunynghame, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid, and was gowned in lemon georgette with a black hat, and carried a bouquet of delphiniums, lemon pansies, carnations, and asparagus fern, which, with her gold Nellie Stewart bangle, was the gift of the bridegroom. The flower girls, Popsy and Betty Cunynghame, a niece and cousin of the bride, wore Alice-blue crepe de chine, with hats to match, and each carried a silver basket of blue perennial peas, and lemon pansies. Mr. Harry Anstiss, brother of the bridegroom, was best man.' The reception was held at "Uningra," the home of the bride's parents. Rev. Bromhead presided. The wedding cake was decorated with tiny aeroplanes. Mrs. Cunynghame, mother of the bride, received the guests, and was gowned in black and white silk morocain, and carried a posy of red roses, mignionette, and lily of the valley. Mrs. Anstiss, mother of the bridegroom, wore navy blue silk morocain. After the breakfast, the bride and bridegroom left by car on their honeymoon, which was spent touring the west, thence through Goulburn to the south coast. Their home is at Wentworthville. Everybody will be at Lidcombe on Anniversary Day.
Source: The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate 16 Jan 1913

1930 - 1943 : Leslie (Motor mechanic) and Grace (home duties) living at 42 Serpentine Rd Greenwich with two daughters.

64. Rebecca Mary Cunynghame

1930 census : Lived at 33 Albion St Harris Park