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Eliza Dungay

Adjourned Inquest.
On Monday morning at the Court House the Coroner, Mr. Shropshire, resumed the inquest on the deceased infant Barber, adjourned from the llth inst. In the absence of Sub-Inspector Edwards, Senior Constable O'Rourke appeared for the Police Department.
Mrs. Albert Moseley, sworn, gave evidence about herself and Mrs Donohue being present at the birth, which she deemed was premature. Dr. L. B. Lancaster deposed to examining the dead body of a male infant evidently immature, and gave his opinion that death was due to non development. Eliza Barber, wife of Fred. Barber, residing at Burnt Bridge, deposed she was under treatment by Dr. Lancaster and Dr. Barron about three weeks before the birth. When ill on Friday, 1st inst., Dr. Barron, she said, came to see me, and said I'd have to go to the Hospital on Saturday, if not better. On Saturday evening, 2nd inst., Sub-Inspector Edwards came out and took me to the District Hospital. Showed me into a room to sit awhile ; a nurse came along and asked the man warder would he bath me, and he asked, 'is she a black woman'? The nurse said, ' I don't know, I didn't see her yet.' When she came in, I asked her, ' well is she a black woman' She said, ' don't be silly, you're no black.' After I had my bath I went to bed, and the nurse came in a while after. She asked me when I was to be sick. I said ' next month,' and told her what Dr. Barron said. She roared with laughter ; then she came back again a little while after and asked me how I felt ; and when I told her, she caught the side of the blanket, peeped under, and went out laughing again. She came back with another nurse ; she stood behind that nurse, and this other one asked when I expected to be sick ; I told her what Dr. Barron said, and the same one burst out laughing behind the other one. So I told them I wouldn't stay ; that I'd go home; that I didn't come there to be made a laughing stock of. One of the nurses ,said I could go if I liked. I said ' I'll go, and let the Inspector know.' I got up and put my clothes on and walked out ; came straight down to, Mr. McGrath at the police office, and I asked for the Inspector. He said he had just gone down town ; so I told him to tell Mr. Edwards I coudn't stay in the Hospital, that the nurses were laughing and poking fun at me all the time. I then said, ' I'm going home,' so I walked out and got to Burnt Bridge about 9 p.m. I stayed at Mrs. Moseley's place; was taken ill, and gave birth to infant at 2 o'clock. Was nursed by Mrs. Donohue and Mrs. Moseley. The baby lived until after 11 o'clock on Sunday.
To the Police-:— I think the journey from tHe Hospital to Burnt Bridge hastened the birth of the child. I'd Know the nurse by Sight who poked fun at me. I don't know her name. The Coroner found that the said child of Eliza. Barber, unnamed, died on the 3rd November at Burnt Bridge, in the State of New South Wales, from natural causesto vit undevoloptnent, being a seven months baby.
Source: The Macleay Chronicle 27 Nov 1912