Australian English Genealogy 

Descendants of David Dunstan

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8. Tristram Dunstan

Associated with Sackville and Windsor churches. Four of Tristram's sons entered the church, one of whom became an arch deacon.

Amelia Jane Greentree

A very pretty wedding was celebrated at  Matthew's Church of England, Windsor, on Wednesday, November 21st, when Mr. Geo. Dunstan, of Wilberforce, was married to Miss Amelia Jane Greentree, eldest daughter of Mr. Geo. Greentree, of Free- man's Beach. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. 8. G. Fielding, of Windsor.
The bride entered the church on the arm of her father, and was dressed in white silk voile, trimmed with lace and chiffon, with a wreath of orange blossoms and fall. She carried a silver bouquet, the gift of the bride- groom. She was attended by two brides- maids, Miss Ettie Greentree, her sister, who was dressed in white muslin, trimmed with Valenciennes lace and insertion, and Miss Lena Dunstan, who was dressed in white grass lawn over eau-de-nil, trimmed with torchon lace and insertion. The bridemaids  wore gold brooches, set with amethysts, the gifts of the bridegroom. Mr. Harry Greentree was best man.
After the ceremony the party drove to the residence of the bride's parents, where a. splendid dinner awaited them. The wedding cake was made by Mr. P. Beveridge, and consisted of three tiers. The health of " The Bride and Bridegroom" was proposed by the Rev. S. G. Fielding, and was fit- tingly responded to by the bridegroom. The other toasts were " The Bridesmaids," " Mr. and Mrs. Greentree,'' and " Mr. Dunstan, Sen." After dinner musical items were rendered by several of the guests. Mr. and Mrs. Dunstan departed by the 4.20 train for Katoomba, where the honeymoon will be spent. The bride's travelling dress was composed of grey coat and skirt, with cream front. A large crowd of friends and relatives were assembled on the platform to see the happy couple off, and showered them with the usual supply of rice and confetti.
The bride was the recipient of a large number of costly and handsome presents, -consisting of:-Purse of sovereigns, the bride's father ; family prayer book and bible, the bridegroom's father; hooded sulky, the bridegroom ; pair of photo frames, the bride's mother ; cheque, Mr. P. D. Greentree,* travelling trunk, Mr. Harry Greetree ; cheque, Mr. F. A. Greentree ; biscuit barrel, Mr. and Mrs. John Dunstan ; . pair of vases, Mr. and Mrs. Sid Stubbs ; pair of photo frames, Mr. Athol Greentree ; pair of pickle jars, Master Clen Greentree; . silver butter knife and dish, Mr. and Mrs. S&M Cobcroft ; pair of silver mounted jam jars, Mrs Ettie Greentree ; ink stand, Miss Jena Dunstan ; pair of photo frames, Miss M. Dunstan ; silver serviette rings, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Johnson; silver tea-pot, Mrs. Nicholls, Sen,; silver-plated cruet, Beard and Co. ; reading lamp, Mr. W. Moses; set of carvers, Mrs. Lalor ; fruit dish, Mr. and Mrs. Al. Greentree ; lamp  Mr. and Mrs. R. Greentree ; serviettes, salt cellars, jam and honey jars, Mrs. J. Gillard; half-dozen tumblers, Mrs. B. Dunstan; pair of jam spoons, Misses Lalor; pair of honey jars,Mr. Herb. Greentree ; afternoon tea service, Miss Holden ; breakfast cruet, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes ; butter dish, Mr. Herb Greentree ; painting, Miss M. Simpson ; cruel-work cushion, Miss A. Sheridan ; toilet set, Mrs. Farlow, Sen. ; set of carvers, Mr. and Mrs. J. Farlow; salt cellars, Miss Vida Green- tree ; hand painted panel, Mrs. ? J. T. Orr ; pair of vases, Mrs. Jas. Simpson); water jug, Mrs. G. Bowman; fruit dishes, Mr. F. Daley; album, Mrs. A. Wenban; cheese dish, Mr. Arthur Greentree ; water jug, Mrs. H. Greentree ; pair of vases, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Pye ; salt cellars, Miss N. Green- tree ; pair of candle sticks, Miss M. Green- tree; pair of white kid gloves, Mr. J. T. Orr; knotted tea cosy, Mrs. F. A. Green- tree; pair of salt cellars, Miss N. McMahon; brush and comb bag, Miss Renie Greentree ; pair of salt cellars, Misses Butter; fruit dish, Miss E. Nicholls; drawn-thread work, Miss E. Greentree; bread knife and board, Mr. and Mrs. W. Campbell ; silver thimble, Master Roy Cob croft ; painting, Miss Lucy Buttsworth ; silver butter knife, Mr. and Mrs. T. Cobcroft ; butter bowl, Miss A. Greentree ; ornament, Mr. and Mrs. C. Greentree ; silver sleeve links, Master Kenneth Cobcroft ; Silver butter knife and jam spoon, Mrs. and Miss Daley; silver-mounted breakfast cruet, Miss Beatrice Shannon ; silver toast rack, Miss Edith Shannon.

Source: Hawkesbury Advocate 30 Nov 1900

George Colclough Kirwan

Telegraph Master in Cooranbong in 1891

James Cavanough


136. Elizabeth Alice Tuckerman

A Successful Teacher.
Miss Elizabeth A. Tuckerman, daughter of Mr A. Tuckerman, J.P., has achieved some distinction in the scholastic world. As the result of a recent examination of pupil teachers she has gained a ' full scholarship,' which will entitle her to en ter the Hurlstone Training College. For the past four years Miss Tuckerman has been a pupil teacher at Richmond and Windsor, and will now receive 12 months education at the college free of charge. Only 15 scholarships were awarded, and for these 112 young ladies competed in December last. On leaving the college she will be eligible for an assistantship, with the prospects of a mistresship in a very short time. Miss Tuckerman is 22 years of age, and all her pupil teacher exams were passed with high marks. She studied under Mr. Broome, head master of the Windsor Superior Public-school. Naturally the school is proud of the distinction she has gained. We congratulate Miss Tuckerman on her brilliant pass, and hope that it is only the precursor of a successful and useful career as a teacher.
Source: Windsor and Richmond Gazette - Feb 1900