Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Edward Garth

Notes - Page 2

3. James Garth

James Garth was convicted in two mitigated penalties, of 10 pound each, for selling spirituous liquor by retail, without being licenced thereto according to law.
Source: Hobart Town Gazette and Dieman's Land Advertiser 5 Jan 1822

Ann Bellett

MRS. Edward Garth, nee Annie Bellette, who died in Tasmania the other day, had almost achieved the century of years, having been born at Norfolk Island in the year 1797. Little Miss Bellette, as she then was, arrived in Hobart at the age of 10 years, and was married when she was only 19 years of age. to the late Mr. Edward Garth, who died aged 78 years. Mrs. Garth had 13 children, and her grandchildren and great grandchildren, now living, are scores in number. She died, retaining her faculties to the very last.
Source: Table Talk 29 May 1896

31. John Richard Garth

Possibly drowned after falling overboard

Robert William Ballantyne

Customs House Agent