Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Edward Garth

Notes - Page 8

188. William James Garth

The inquest was resumed at Cygnet yesterday, before the Coroner (Mr. G. Crosby Gilmore) on the body of William James Garth, of Cradoc Hill, who died in the General Hospital. Evidence was given by Colin Cockshutt that he was with deceased on the evening of November 16, and they returned towards their homes from Cygnet about 10 o'clock, both riding ponies. Deceased was somewhat the worse for liquor, and galloped his pony, falling on the road. As his was the quieter animal, witness induced him to change with him, but a couple of miles further on he again lost his mount, and witness found him lying on the side of the road. He said he was all right, and was going to have a sleep, telling witness to go on home and leave him, and witness did so. He did not tell anyone of the circumstance. James Garth, son of deceased, said that on the morning of November 17, as his father did not return, he went to look for him, and found him lying face downwards by the side of the road. He brought him home, and summoned Dr. Wade. On the following morning he took him to the General Hospital. Dr. George Wade said he found deceased at his home almost, unconscious, suffering from Injury to th. brain. He had a bruise and cut on the right side of the top of his head, which could have been caused by a fall from a horse. A verdict ot "accidental death" was returned.
Source: The Mercury 30 Nov 1929

216. Frederick John Lucas

Frederick and Grace were second cousins