Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Edward Garth

Notes - Page 11

425. James William Garth

FIRES AT CYGNET Dwelling Destroyed Occupants Escape
Hotel Roof Burned
A seven-roomed weatherborad house owned and occupied by Mr. James William Garth, Cradoc Road, Cygnet, was totally destroyed by fire, with all contents in the early hours of yesterday morning. The occupants escaped. Mr. Garth stated that everything was apparently safe when he retired about 10 p.m. on Saturday. He was awakened by a crackling noise about 3 o'clock yesterday morning, and found the kitchen full of smoke and flames. He got his three children safely out of the house, and by that time the fire had such a hold that he was unable to save any furniture. The house was pine-lined with an iron roof, and was to have been taken over to-day by Mr. Garth's brother-in law, Mr. H. O. Batchelor. The house was Insured and there was no Insurance on the furniture or personal effects, Which Garth values at £60.
Source: The Mercury 5 Aug 1935