Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Elizabeth Mitchell

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645. Elsie Gertrude Rawsthorne

Elsie Gertrude Bryant (formerly Raws- thorne), upon an issue of desertion, sued for a divorce from Hector Norman Bryant, to whom she was married in April, 1918, at Syd- ney, according to tho rites of the Church of England. Mr. Cassidy (instructed hy Messrs Sly and Russell) appeared for the petitioner. A decree nisi was granted, returnable In six months.
Source: The SMH 4 Mar 1922

136. John T Stanton

John Stanton.
Mr John Stanton, son of the late Mr Joseph Stanton, of Lambridge, died at his residence, The Boulevard, Rookwood, on Sunday last, in his 75th year. Although deceased left the district many years ago, he was well-known to the old hands. There are residing in this district at the present time : Mrs W Lennox (sister), and Messrs William, Joseph, and Josiah (brothers).
Source: Nepean Times 24 Dec 1910

137. Mary Ann Stanton

Another old resident of Orange passed away yesterday, Mrs. Lamrock, widow of the late Mr. McAustland Lamrock who predeceased her some ten years ago. This highly esteemed old lady had been a sufferer for some 18 months, and had been practically bedridden for a considerable portion of that period. She was a native of Penrith, a daughter of the late Joseph Stanton, of that town, and her cousins were the late Mrs. Strickland, of Bundaburra, and the late Mrs. Woolls Rutledge, mother of the Rev. Woolls Rutledge, the celebrated Methodist divine. Their mother was a member of the old Field family of Penrith. The family consists of Mrs. Wills, Mrs. Woodward, Mrs. Barton, Mrs. Drummond, Messrs. Arthur (Tamworth), Walter (Sydney), and Stuart (Orange). Mr. Joseph Lamrock and Miss Hildred Lamrock predeceaesd their mother. For a number of years Mr. and Mrs. Lamrock lived in Bathurst, but removed to Orange 38 years ago. Until age robbed her of her activity Mrs. Lamrock was a hard church worker. She had a close connection with the colony's earliest history, her grandfather having been a Mr. Collett, Private Secretary to the first Governor, Sir Arthur Phillip, and having decided not to return to England was granted the land on which the Lithgow coalfield is situate, but being unaware of its mineral wealth parted with it for the proverbial song.
Source: Wellington Times 10 Oct 1918

McCausland Lamrock

Arrived as a free settler on the Agincourt

138. William J Stanton

Death of Mr. W. Stanton
Mr William Stanton, a native of Lambridge. died at the residence of his son (Mr Harold Stanton, of Campsie), on Monday last, at the age of 87 years. He was a son of the late Joseph and Elizabeth Stanton, and married a daughter of the late Josiah Strickland, of Bundaburra Station, Forbes. He resided on Marjong Station for some years, and afterwards came back to Lambridge, where his wife died some 45 years ago, Deceased is survived by three sons and one daughter, viz., Messrs Horace Stanton (Queensland), Oswald (Waverley), Harold (Campsie), and Mrs J. Wright (Kogarah), and one brother and one sister—Mr .Josiah Stanton (Lambridge) and Mrs Lennox (Penrith). Two brothers and one sister— John (Auburn), Joseph (Penrith), and Mrs Lamrock (Orange)—predeceased him. The funeral took place on Tuesday, the remains being intered in the Methodist portion of the Emu Plains General Cemetery.
Source: Nepean Times 31 Aug 1929