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Martha Tuckwell

Martha Kentwell, formerly Tuckwell, petitioned for a divorce from John Robert Kentwell, on the ground of desertion. Petitioner said she married the respondent, who was an orchardist and carpenter, in April, 1890, at Castle Hill, according to the rites of the Church of England. They lived together for a year and eight months. During the first three months of their wedded life they lived happily. Her husband then, began to drink. He took hold of a gun on one occasion and threatened her life. At another time he threatened to knock her brains out and throw her down the well. He had an axe in his hand, and raised it to hit her, but she ran inside. He several times threatened her with a carving knife. She was afraid of him, and went to her father's house on several occasions, the last being in November, 1891, since which time she had not seen him. A decree nisi was granted, to be moved absolute in a month.
Source: Evening News 27 Jun 1901

James Alexander Greenwood

Orchardist - Castle Hill

206. Louis Kentwell

Matrimonial Matters. Love in a Cottage.
At the Parramatta Police Court on Friday afternoon, Jessie Kentwell proceeded against Louis Kentwell for wife desertion. Mr. Todhunter appeared for the complainant and Mr. Johnson for the defendant. Jessie Kentwell, the complainant, stated that she married defendant in January 1895. In May last her husband went to Western Australia and returned about May this year. Had no money when he returned. While he was away he sent her £15. When he came back she went to live with him at Castle Hill. Remembered 14th August, he asked for three shillings and hit her when she would not give it to him. A few days afterwards she went to her sister's to do her washing. He came and said ' What the ? do you mean leaving the place without getting my dinner ready ? ' Witness said that she had 'cooked both meat and vegetables before she left. He said ' I have nailed up the windows and have locked the door and if you attempt to go back I will burst your ? head open.' Witness! called to her sister and asked if she heard, what he said and she said 'Yes I am a witness to all he is saying.' He threatened her again. Did not know what her husband was earning. Susan Elizabeth Tuckwell, sister of the complainant, corroborated as to the defendant's threat. ' Christopher Sellors, a brother of the complainant, said that on the 19th August he went to defendant's house and found it all locked up and the windows nailed. Louis Kentwell, the defendant, said he was a carpenter and usually earnt 5s a day. Had sent £36 to his wife from Western Australia. Witness was bringing back £49 10s, but was robbed of it on the way back. Denied that he struck his wife.  When he asked his wife about the dinner she told him to go to ? . Did not nail up the windows that day— they were nailed up four months before. He wished his wife to come back. He put down all this unpleasantness chiefly to her mother who frequently came to their house and was not friendly to him. Laban Kentwell corroborated. The Bench made an order for 10s a week. A second case of detention of property was heard. It was claimed by the wife that her husband detained some of her property. The husband however produced receipts for the goods and the bench declined to make an order.
Source: The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate 7 Sep 1898



215. Laban Noakes

The death occurred in hospital at Parramatta on Thursday, of Mr. Laban Noakes, a former Parramatta business man. Deceased, who was 77 years of age, lived at Rose Crescent, Parramatta. He conducted the "Red House" grocery store in Church-street, Parramatta, and later moved to Parramatta North. His wife died about three years ago. Deceased was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. S. Noakes, of Baulkham Hills. He was a noted athlete in his earlier days, and a keen follower of cricket and football. A family survives. Messrs. Percy Noakes (Parramatta North), Frank Noakes (Harris Park), and Tom (Parramatta) are sons; Mrs. H. Horwood (Parramatta), is a daughter. A niece is Mrs. C. Innes (Parramatta). The funeral left the mortuary chapel of Charles Innes and Son, Parramatta (after service) on Saturday morning for private interment in the Church of England Cemetery, Northern Suburbs. Rev. C. F. B. Manning (rector of All Saints' Church, Parramatta) conducting both services.
Source: Cumberland Arugs and Fruitgrowers Advocate 29 Mar 1939

Katie Esther Everest

Mrs. Katie Esther Noakes, wife of Mr Laban Noakes, of 56 Pennant Hills road Parramatta North, passed away at her residence, "Kaboorah," on Saturday November 9, and was interred in the Northern Suburbs Cemetery, after a service held at All Saints Church, Parramatta North, which was conducted by Rev. G. Manning, who also officiated at the graveside. Before her marriage the late Mrs. Noakes was Miss Everest residing at Thornbury Lodge, Baulkham Hills, and was a granddaughter of the late Captain Roger Baruston Everest and also a grandniece of the late Lieut. Col. Henry Everest, of Her Majesty's 6th Regiment of Foot. She is survived
by three sons, Percy, Frank and Thomas and one daughter, Mrs. H. Horwood.
Source: The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate 14 Nov 1935