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1568. Agnes Louisa Mulloy

   Birth registered as Molloy

2024. Lucy Ada Sheldon

Lucy and Christian became engaged in 1923.

This was a consolidated suit. Lucy Ada Peterson (formerly Sheldon) petitioned for a divorce from Christian Martin Peterson on the ground of repeated assaults and cruelty during one year previous to February 25, 1927. Christian Martin Peterson asked for a decree of nullity in respect of the ceremony of marriage between himself and Lucy Ada Sheldon (falsely called Peterson) on the ground that prior to June 7, 1924, the date of the alleged marriage ceremony with Lucy Ada Sheldon, he was married to one Grace Peterson (formerly Pomery), who was still alive, and his lawful wife, on June 7, 1924. Mr. J. W. Shand (instructed by Mr. Mervyn Finlay) appeared for petitioner; and Mr Toose (instructed by Messrs. Dawson and Herford) for the respondent Christian Martin Peterson. The case is part heard. (Before Mr. Justice Harvey.)
Source: The SMH 21 Jun 1927

(Before Mr. Justice Ferguson and jury.)
Sheldon v Peterson.
The hearing was continued of an action In which Lucy Ada Sheldon, a young woman, sued Christian Martin Peteison, a practitioner in psycho-therapeutics, claiming £5000 damages for alleged breach of promise to marry, misrepresentation, and breach of warranty and assault. The declaration also contained a count to recover certain moneys which the plaintiff alleged were drawn by the defendant from a Joint bank account, and were properly hers. The defendant's pleas denied all the plaintiff's allegations, and included a cross action by way of set-off to recover the value of a piano, which defendant alleged the plaintiff converted to her own use, and the value of which, he said, exceeded any compensation to which the defendant might be entitled. The plaintiff was cross-examined at length regarding her relations with the defendant. She denied that she had ill-treated or assaulted him, that she was inordinately Jealous, or that she was addicted to practices of a repugnant description. The defendant's daughter, Thelma Peterson, gave evidence corroborating the plaintiff's statements as to repeated acts of cruelty and ill-treatment on the part of the defendant, The defendant, who was under examination at the adjournment, stated that intimate relations existed between him and the plaintiff a long time before they were married. The plaintiff was quite aware of his inability to marry her in New South Wales. He fully believed at the time, and had been advised, that a marriage would be legal if they "hopped over the border," and the plaintiff readily assented to that proposal, suggesting that they should travel together to Wangaratta. He denied that he had been guilty of flagrant acts of cruelty to Miss Sheldon when they lived together, remarking that on several occasions after the first nine months he endeavoured to restrain her from several injurious practices by seizing her arms, and that she inflicted Injury upon herself by violently struggling Mr J W Shand and Mr Seaton (Instructed by Mr. Mervyn Finlay) appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr Cullins (Instructed by Messrs Dawson and Lidford) for the defendant.The case is part heard.
Source: The SMH 15 Sep 1927

Christian Martin Peterson, masseur and hypnotist, has had his estate sequestrated In the Bankruptcy Court on the petition of Lucy Ada Sheldon. Lucy Ada Sheldon, of Beach-road, Darling Point, music teacher, set out In her creditor's petition that Peterson was Indebted to her to the extent of £4000, being the amount of a final judgement obtained by her In the Supreme Court on December 20, 1927. It will be recalled that Lucy Ada Sheldon went through a ceremony of marriage with Peterson at Wangaratta, (Victoria), and subsequently she discovered - that the decree nisi obtained by Peterson against his first wife had not, at the date of the ceremony of marriage with her, been made absolute. The ceremony of marriage with Peterson having been declared null and void, she then sued him tor breach of promise of marriage, claiming £5000 damages before Mr. Justice Ferguson and a jury of four. After a hearing in which extraordinary evidence was elicited, she was awarded £4000 damages — the biggest verdict ever obtained In a breach of promise action in New South Wales. Peterson failed to satisfy the judgment of the court, and Miss Sheldon issued a petition In bankruptcy against him. To-day the Registrar (Mr. Norman C. Lockhnrt) sequestrated his estate, and appointed Mr. C. F. W. Lloyd official assignee, Mr. Mervyn Flnlay, solicitor, Elizabeth-street, city, lodged the creditors' petition against Peterson.
Source: The Sun 11 Jly 1928

        Frank John Federal Laker (Capt)

LAKER, Frank John.—December 17, 1953, at R.G.H., Concord, of 20 Brookland Street, South Strathfield, late R.A.N., World War I and Captain A.M.F. World War II. Loved husband of Dorothy and father of John
Source: The SMH 19 Dec 1953


Lindon Bernard Laker

Prisoner of war WWII