Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Esther Abrahams

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9. Isaac David Nichols

Hutchinson and Nichols Streets Surry Hills were named after Isaac and his wife Sarah

10. (Hon) George Robert Nichols



Nichols was the second son of Isaac Nichols,[1] a former convict who became a successful Sydney entrepreneur. He was educated in England between 1819 and 1823. On returning to Australia he worked as an articled clerk until he was admitted as the first native-born Australian solicitor on 1 July 1833.During this period he was also an editor of William Wentworth 's Australian newspaper. He was bankrupted in the financial crisis of 1842 but later returned to his legal practice. Nichols was a member of the Parramatta Regional Council, a trustee of Sydney Grammar School and a leading Freemason. Nichols founded the law firm Clayton Utz.

Source: Wikipedia

47. Edward G H Nichols

Died from injuries received in a fire.

11. Charles Hamilton Nichols

Charles' father sent him to England to be educated, along with his brother George (1819-1823).
Barrister and solicitor