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Descendants of George Colless


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418. George Edwin (Ted) Colless

The Late Mr. G. E. (Ted) Colless
A gentleman who stood high in the esteem of many people of the district was Mr. George Edwin (Ted) Colless, of Thirroul, formerly of Emu Plains, who passed to his rest in Nepean District Hospital on Tuesday, September 18, after an illness extending over about a month. Recently he came to Penrith to stay with his nephew, Mr. Ken. Colless, and entered hospital a month before his death. The late Mr. Colless was born at Emu Plains, and was the son of George Robert and Mary Colless. He was married at Wahroonga to Ada Mary Dunn, and thereafter they resided at Emu Plains, till their departure for Thirroul 21 years ago. At Emu Plains Mr. Colless was an orchardist and dairy farmer. He took a commendable and practical interest in various district movements, his generosity being an outstanding trait of character. He was patron of the Nepean A.H. and I. Society for numerous years, holding the position for a greater length of time than had anyone else. He was prominent in Masonic affairs of the district, and was foundation W.M. of Lodge Warragamba. He had held similar office in Lodge Nepean in 1915. His sincerity and goodwill were outstanding. Mr. Colless was a foundation member of Thirroul Bowling Club, and as a player won several trophies in competitions He is survived by Mrs. Colless and by brothers and sisters as follows: Vivian (Katoomba), Lily (Mrs. Devlin, Agnes Banks), Neilie (Mrs. Killen, Concord), and Arthur (Narrabri). Private cremation' took place at Rookwood Crematorium in the Methodist portion, on Wednesday, September 19. The service was conducted by the Rev. George H. Parr, of Bankstown.
Source: Nepean Times 27 Sep 1951

62. Mary Helen Colless

Mrs Mary Helen Colless, widow of the late Major Colless, died at her residence, " Chalgrove," Cleveland Street, Wahroonga, on Tuesday, at the age of 79 years. Deceased was an ex-resident of Castlereagh, and was an aunt of Messrs Ted and Arthur Colless, of this district. The interment took place in the Methodist cemetery, Castlereagh, on Wednesday afternoon. Services were conducted by Rev. Stuart-Wright at the church and graveside. He was assisted by Rev. Harold Doust, of Gordon, who gave an address at the church.
Source: Nepean Times 10 Mar 1928

65. George Henry Colless

Dubbo Descendant Of Church Pioneer Mr. G. H. Colless
Mr. G. H. Colless, of Dubbo, and Mr. J. W. Colless, of Mudgee, are descendants of John Lees, of Castlereagh, who was associated with the building of the first Methodist Church in Australia.  Both are the sons of the late Mr. Charles Colless, of Mudgee, who was a a lay preacher in his day. Mr. Colless of Dubbo is 85, and he and Mrs. Colless will celebrate their diamond wedding this year.  By a peculiar coincidence this fine old couple's first granddaughter was born on the anniversary of Mrs. Colless' birthday, and the first grandson on the anniversary of Mr. Colless.  The mother of Mr. Colless was a granddaughter of John Lees, of Castlereagh. Mrs. T. McGill of Arncliffe Church is the daughter of Mr. Colless, of Dubbo. thus her daughter, Ivy, who recently married the Rev. E. A. Robberts, second minister in the Malvern Hill Circuit, is the great great great granddaughter of John Lees.
Source: The Dubbo Liberal and Macquarie Advocate 1 June 1939

Sunday, 29th inst, was the 50th anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Colless, of 183 Wingewarra street, Dubbo, and occasion was taken by the children of this grand old couple to fittingly celebrate the happy event. About 30 members of the family, including the great granddaughter (little Nola Cooke) foregathered at a sumptuous wedding- breakfast. The tables were artistically decorated and the wedding cake (a four decker) was a fine sample of the confectioners' art, being ornamented in pink and gold. Mr. and Mrs. Colless were made the recipients of a walking stick and sunshade respectively, each gift bearing gold shields suitably inscribed. The presentations were made by the only son (Harry) of Mr. and Mrs. Colless, who, on behalf of his sisters, wished his parents many happy returns of the anniversary of their wedding day, and expressed the hope that their twilight days would be long and happy. The function was held at. the residence of their daughter, Mrs. J. Cooke, of Erskine street, Dubbo, and members of the family present were Mrs. J. J. McGill, Mrs. Y. C. Boleat, Mrs. L. Perrin (Sydney), Mrs. S. Bowden (Coonabarabran), Colless (Dubbo), Mr. Harry Colless (Gular), all of whom had come to make one bright day, and give their parents a pleasant surprise, Mr. Geo. Colless was born on the Nepean 75 years ago, and for many years resided in the Mudgee district, making a home at Lutterworth, shortly after his marriage, where he has resided almost 50 years. Mrs. Colless was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Andrews, whose station joined that of Mr. Colless. The old couple were married at Wellington 50 years ago, and are amongst the oldest and most, widely known and respected residents of the west. The family party in the morning attended divine service at the Methodist Church, where the Rev. Bernard Deane congratulated Mr. and Mrs. Colless upon their golden wedding, and wished them long life and happiness in the future.
Source: Gilgandra Weekly 10 Oct 1929

Hannah Andrews

The death of Mrs.. Hannah Colless, relict of the late George Colless, of "Lutterworth," Gulargambone, occurred at her residence, "Winome", 183 Wingewarra Street, Dubbo, on Friday week last. The late Mrs. Colless was aged 89 years. Prior to death she had been ill for a period of only two days.. Together with her husband, she was one of the best known and most respected residents of the western districts. Born at Wellington, she was the daughter of the late, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Andrews. Deceased was married at Wellington and went to live with her husband on their station property "Lutterworth,'' Gulargambone. There they resided until retirement some 20 years ago, when they went to live at Dubbo.  Her husband predeceased her three years ago. The surviving family are: Annie (Mrs. T. J. McGill, Armatree), Ruby (Mrs. J. N. Cooke; Dubbo), Alma (Mrs. S. Bowden, Coonabarabran), Nellie (Mrs. C. Boleat, Coonabarabran), George "Lutterworth," Gulargambone); Mary (Mrs. W. L. Perrin, Dubbo), Eve (Mrs. W. Chambers, Bexley), Daphney (Mrs. P. Owers, Coonabarabran). A memorial service was held at the Dubbo Methodist Church on the Saturday afternoon, the Rev. Hupert Hayes officiating. The cortege moved to the Dubbo cemetery, for interment in the Methodist section. The ashes of the late George Colless, who was cremated at Woronora Crematorium, were interred in the family grave at the same time.
Source: Gilgandra Weekly 6 May 1948