Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of George Colless


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363. Harold George Ryan

1930 Armidale - Inspector of Police

396. Ernest William Rayner

Ernest William Rayner.
News comes to band of the death of a prominent cricketer and a really genuine, smart young man in the person of Mr Ernest William Rayner at Perth, West Australia. Deceased was a son of Mr and Mre W J Rayner, late of Springwood, who left there about 12 years ago for the West,  taking with them their daughter, one of their sons going ahead and the rest following later. They were all very smart young men, more especially so in the cricket field, where they made a great name for themselves. The
deceased gentleman had got along well in the Golden West. The other members of the family went to South Africa. At the time of his death and for some time before Mr Rayner was engaged at the Treasury, and made a host of friends. He was married, and was ill only a few days, an operation appearing to have hastened his death. He leaves a widow and one child. An old district lad in the person of Mr George Walker, son of Mr John Walker, of Penrith and late S.M. at Emu Plains, was one who attended a large and representative funeral.
Source: Nepean Times 19 Mar 1910