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285. George Arthur Smith

Mr. George Arthur Smith, of Castlereagh, who died in Nepean District Hospital on 13th inst., at the age of 73 years, was a native of the district,  in which he was very widely known. Particularly remembered will be his prowess as a cricketer. He was a speed bowler and an aggressive batsman.  Playing with Castlereagh Upper against St. Marys, many years ago, he scored 212 not out, a record in Nepean district matches. He had many other successes with bat and ball. He represented Nepean in interdistrict
matches.  Deceased was the son of the late Isaac and Mary Smith. His wife died many years ago, and he leaves two daughters, both married, and living in other parts of the State.  He was one of a family of 15, of whom the survivors are: Aid. T. R. R. Smith, of Penrith Council; Mr. Leslie Joseph Smith, of North Sydney; Mrs. Ormsby, Wellington; and Mrs. Chapman, Tuggerah Lakes.  Within the last five months three of the family have died, each on the 13th day of a month, viz.: Mrs. R. Devlin, of Marrickville, who died on December 13, Mrs. Freeman, of Enfield, who died on February 13, and now Mr. George Smith, who died on 13th of the present month.  The funeral took place on Saturday, 14th inst., in the C. of E. portion of Penrith General Cemetery, the service being conducted by the Rector of Penrith, Rev. A. E. Hodgson. Penrith Council was represented by the Mayor (Aid. A. Tornaros), Aid. Chapman, as well as by deceased's brother, Aid. T. R. R. Smith. Mr. Roy McGrath represented Nepean District Cricket Association.
Source: Nepean Times 26 May 1949

55. Louisa Matida Hadley

News of the death of Mrs W Childs,  of Castlereagh, that occurred on Thursday evening last, at the age of 66 years, came as a great shock to all who knew her. Mrs W. Childs,  has had an experience that few have ever felt, viz. the losing of father, mother, and mother-in-law within a few days. The deceased lady has suffered for many years with acute rheumatics, a heart affection, and hepatitis. She had been married but a brief period when her husband died, leaving her with four young children. They then went to reside with her parent, the late Mr and Mrs Charles Hadley.  For over 80 yrs she resided there, her family growing up, and pretty well the whole of that time she had been a great sufferer. A week ago she had a very serious attack, and Dr. Barber was called in. From the first he had bat little hope. On Thursday she appeared a good deal better, bat as the day wore on there came a great-change, and she passed peacefully away about sunset, the cause of death being By noope, The funeral takes place at 2 p.m. this Saturday.
Source: Nepean Times 9 Aug 1902

56. Thomas Hadley

Beyond the Veil - Thomas Hadley
The above gentleman, who died at Lower Castlereagh last week, at the age of 71 years, was a native of that locality, where be was a farmer, and eldest son of (the late Charles Hadley, of Castlereagh. His wife was a Miss Yeoman, of Castlereagh and Cullen Bullen, and a sister of Mrs John Jackson, of Castlereagh, and died about 24 years ago. There are three children living. All the family were good cricketers in their day.  Deceased was a hardworking and straightforward citizen, and was well known through out the district, and resided within a mile of where be was born until he died.  The late Mr Hadley was out possum shooting with his grandson on the Tuesday night, returning home about 10 o'clock and went to bed apparently well. The next morning he arose from his bed as usual and made a fire, and as he did not feel well went and laid down ; but shortly after his grandson told the aunt that his grandfather would not speak to him, and Miss Hadley, on going into the room where her father was, at once noticed that he was ill, and asked him if she would get him anything. He said he would be all right in a few minutes, but not being satisfied with this she brought him a cup of beverage, which however, he could not swallow. She then went to inform a neighbour, and on returning with this friend found her father dead, having passed away suddenly.  The funeral took place on Thursday, when a large number attended to pay their last respects to deceased. The remains were interred in the Church of England Cemetery, Castlereagh, by the side of his late wife, where his father and grandfather are also buried. Rev A J Reynolds officiated, and Mrs John Frice and Son had charge of the arrangements.
Source: Nepean Times 11 Sep 1909

311. Ada L Hadley

That Miss Ada Louisa, Hadley died at her residence, at Cranebrook, 17th January, from hemorrhage from a malignant growth was the verdict of Mr Arthur Judges, district coroner, at an inquest, hold at Penrith Court House on Wednesday.  Dr. Higgins, in his evidence, said that he saw the body of deceased, about 1 p.m. on 37th January, lying on a stretcher on the verandah of her cottage. Next morning he examine the body in the Hospital morgue at Penrith. The cause of death, in his belief, was hemorrhage from a malignant growth.  Sergeant Loomes. Penrith said that on the morning of 18th January he went to the residence of deceased, at Cranebrook. On a stretcher on the eastern verandah of the residence he saw the body of deceased. Later he had the body conveyed by the Ambulance to Nepean District Hospital morgue, where he examined it. He communicated with Dr Higgins at the request of the coroner.  Mrs Annie Schneider, (Cranebrook), said she had known Miss Hadley for the last three months, and spoke to her about two days before she died. .Miss Hadley resided on the Richmond Road, Cranebrook, a short distance from witness's home.  "In my last conversation with her." said witness, ''she told me that she had been drawing water from a well with buckets, and thought that she had strained herself. On 17th January a boy came to my place and told me something and asked me to come over and stay with Miss Hadley, as she was sick. I went to Miss Hadley's house. She was in bed on the verandah when I got there. She recovered from that, turn, and I went home about 4 o'clock. I returned, in consequence of something I heard, about 6 o'clock, and found Miss Hadley sitting on the bed. She could only speak a little. She complained of pains, and I rubbed her with brandy. She died in my arms about 8 o'clock." Thomas Charles Hadley, Cranebrook, said that he was a brother of deceased. She was 59 years of age, and was a native of Castlereagh district. He: saw her alive at her cottage, on 13th January. She did not complain of being ill. She complained three or four mouths ago, and was attended to by Dr. Day, of St. Marys. She possessed no property.  John Allan Watmore, 15 years of age, said that he had been living with Miss Hadley since he was two week's old. She had complained of being ill for about four months. On 17th January she said she was very ill and he brought Mrs Schneider over to her.
Source: Nepean Times 2nd Feb 1929

312. Victor Edward Hadley

A sad case of shooting occurred at Castlereagh last night. A lad named Victor Hadley, about 15 years of age, went shooting, and did not return last night. At first no notice was taken of his absence, as he had previously remained the night with his grand-parents, who resided near the banks of the Nepean. As, however, he did not return this morning, inquiries were made and a search instituted, when it was found that a boat had been taken from the east to the west side of the Nepean, and was still there. A party went across and found the lad lying near the boat quite dead, with a shot-wound in the breast. It is presumed the gun went off when he was getting out of the boat. The matter was reported to the coroner.
Source: The SMH 14 Apr 1888

Thomas W Howell

MOLONG, Tuesday.
Thomas Howell, an old resident of the Molong district, aged about 78 years, died suddenly on Monday at the residence of his son in-law, Mr. W. C. Packham, at Garra, whilst assisting other men in cutting chaff.
Source: The SMH 18 Jan 1911

58. Charles Hadley

Mr Charles Hadley, a well-known resident of Castlereagh. especially as a cricketer, died at the residence of his nephew (Mr William Childs), Castlereagh, on Tuesday last, at the age of 71 years, and was buried in the Church of England Cemetery, Castlereagh, on Wednesday, the Rev E Lumsdaine officiating at the graveside.
Source: Nepean Times 22 Sep 1917

59. George Joseph Hadley

Lived at 'Cynric' Bright St Stanmore at time of son Ernest's death.

326. Edwin Ernest Hadley

HADLEY.-In loving memory of our dear son and brother, Edwin Ernest Hadley, died August 24, 1898. Inserted by his loving parents, brothers, and sisters. HADLEY,-In loving memory of our dear friend, Ernest Edwin Hadley, who departed this life August 24, 1898. Inserted by A. F. and L. A. Douglass.
Source: The SMH 24 Aug 1900.

327. Herbert Charles Hadley

Local and General.
Telegraph Department. — Mr. Herbert Charles Hadley, junior operator at Dubbo, has been appointed as Telegraph Operator at Bathurst, voice E. E. Hadley.
Source: Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal 2 Jul 1892

Lived at Badgery's Creek

329. Charles William Hadley

Charles Hadley, a descendant of Lieut. Hadley, a pioneer of Castlreagh. rose to the position of Director of Education in W.A., and on retirement, become principal of Hale College. Forth.
Source: Nepean Times 26 Dec 1940

60. Hannah Amelia Hadley

CARMAN — HADLEY. —February 16, at Castlereagh, by license, by the Rev. John Vaughan, incumbent of St. Stephen's, Penrith, William Carman, of Cudal, Molong, to Hannah Amelia, youngest daughter of Charles Hadley, of Castlereagh.
Source: The SMH 25 Feb 1876

While engaged hanging a pot on a crane in a fireplace the other day Mrs. William Carman met with a painful scalding accident. It appears that the handle of the fountain broke when the second vessel was being hung on, the result being that Mrs Carman was severely scalded about the leg and foot. The scald, though not dangerous, is very painful.
Source: Molong Express and Western District Advertiser 30 May 1903

334. Matilda May Carman

OBITUARY - Mrs. Mary Starr
Residents of Cudal and district were shocked to hear of the passing of Mrs. Mary Starr, one of the most respected residents, at the age of 74 years.  Mrs. Starr was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Carman, a pioneer family of this district.  She married Mr. William Starr, a member of another pioneering family of this district, and had resided for the whole of her married life on a property joining her parents property.  There were no children from the union.  The late Mrs. Starr was a tireless worker for all worthy causes, amongst them being the Red Cross and the C.W.A. branch.  Her church work was an inspiration to her fellow workers, and the Mothers' Union and St. James Church of England will be the poorer for her passing.  Her charming personality will be very much missed by her fellow church workers and many friends.  The Rector of the Parish, the Rev. A. R. Balchin, paid tribute to her many excellent qualities and counted it a privilege to know and work with such a shining example of womanhood.  To her sorrowing husband and her brothers, Alvin (Trangie) and Victor (Katoomba) and her sister, Mrs. Syd Taylor, of Orange, and other
relatives is extended a very deep sympathy.  The remains were laid to rest in the Church of England portion of the Cudal cemetery,  after a service at St. James' Church of England, conducted by the Rev. A. R. Balchin, McGraths, of Orange, had charge of the mortuary arrangements.
Source: Molong Express and Western District Advertiser 9 Jan 1953