Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of George Howell


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291. Mary H Clemson

Our sister town, Riverstone, has had more than her share of sorrow lately. Last week it was our sad duty to chronicle the news that two respected families had suffered bereavements, and this week there is another. Mrs. Mary Davis,, relict of the late William Davis, passed away on the 16th instant. Her husband died up country about ten years ago and the widowed mother and..her family then came to Riverstone to reside. The deceased lady was the eldest daughter of that fine old man, the late Edward Clemson, of Castlereagh, and a sister of Mr. Donald Clemson, J.P., of the Grose,  and of Mrs. A. McMahon and. Mrs. B . Murray, of Tennyson. She was a very big woman, weighing 22 1/2 stone, was 53 years of age, and died suddenly from heart failure. The family consists of two daughters . and four sons, whose ages range from 11 to 25 years. They are Elvie, Edward, Harry,  Archie, Robert and Eya. The burial took place on Monday afternoon in St. Peter's cemetery, Richmond, Rev. F. J. Dillon conducting the service. The deceased was held in very high esteem and it is therefore only natural that the funeral should be largely attended. The sympathy of the whole district goes out to the bereaved family, who are much respected in Riverstone.
Source: Windsor and Richmond Gazette 21 Oct 1921

306. William Charles Hadley Childs

Death of Mr. W. C. H. Childs
Mr. William Charles Hadley Childs died at his residence, Hadley Park, Castlereagh, on Thursday, July 13, at the age of 87 years. The late Mr. Childs was born at Castlereagh, and lived in the district all his life. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Childs, of Castlereagh. He was married to Hannah Howell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Howell, of Castlereagh, and sister of the late W. P. Howell, of international cricket fame, and of Mr. Athol Howell. Mrs. Childs died in 1917. Deceased will be remembered by many local people with the greatest respect and with affection. Kindness and goodwill were in his' make-up. He was one of the many fine cricketers that Castlereagh has produced through the years. (We doubt if any country district in the State has done much better than Castlereagh in this way). He was a member of the old Castlereagh team that won the Lees Shield, a fine trophy presented by the late S. E. Lees, who was a member for Nepean 40 and 50 years ago, and, with the late Charlie Wright, who died within recent months, was one of the original delegates from Castlereagh to the Nepean District Cricket Association. Mr. Childs was a consistent sup porter of the Church of England at Castlereagh, and for the last 25 years was the minister's warden. He was a violinist of no mean ability, and often took part in local concerts. He was generous, helpful, and sincere. His recreations were fishing and gun shooting, and he left behind some weapons that are relics of a former type of sporting gun. He was one of the first dairy farmers of the district, and for years used to take milk to Richmond. Mr. Childs is survived by four daughters and two sons - Violet (Mrs. Yeoman, Springwood), Esla, Hannah, Iola (Mrs. Turner, Yarramundi, Alvan (Castlereagh), and William (Castlereagh). There are a number of grandchildren. Mr. Childs was the last of the family of his generation. The funeral on Friday, July 14, was largely attended, and the service was conducted by the Rector of Emu Plains, the Rev. W. A. Watts. Many beautiful wreaths, including one from the Church Guild at Castlereagh, were forwarded, affording further evidence of the esteem in which the deceased gentleman was held. Among those present was the Mayor of Penrith, Ald. W. L. Chapman.
Source: Nepean Times 20 Jul 1950