Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Griffith William Parry

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Emma Jane Cox

Emma was married to Charles S Connor (1885 Grafton)

31. Albert Parry

At the Newcastle Police Court, last week, Joseph Wooley, Hugh Moodie, George Gainer, Jennie Moodie; and Charles Nisbet were committed for trial for having unlawfully assaulted Albert Parry at Hamilton by whipping, tarring, and feathering him. Albert Parry deposed that he was a tea canvasser, and resided at Merewether; he went to Hamilton on the 7th instant, in the evening; he met defendants Wooley and Nisbet in Beaumont street; Nisbet caught witness and threw him down on the ground, and said, ' You dog, if you sing out it will be the worse for you' ; witness said, ' For God's sake, don't kill me — what are you doing this for?' Nisbet said, You dog ! don't ask me that ' he wrestled with them and got away ; he ran as fast as he could ; there were several people present at that time ; Nisbet and Gainer ran after him, but Wooley got close to him, and put his head between his legs, and threw him over ; Wooley held him till Gainer came up ; defendant then said, ' If you do not come quick we will carry you ;' he said he would go quickly ; they took him down to Wood's front shop, about 50 yards distant ; they took a silk handkerchief out of his pocket and tied him to a post, then put another over his mouth, and Wooley said to Hugh Moodie, who had come up, ' Go and tell mother we have caught him he was then tied to a post ; he was told to be quiet, or they would get a rope ; W ooley said, ' Get your clothes off,' and began to pull him about ; witness said, ' Do not pull me about, and I will take them off ;' then Mrs. Moodie came with a tar pot and began to and began to tar him all over the arms ana legs, pulled up his shirt and tarred his back; Mrs. Moodie then tarred his face and head and told him he should be covered with kerosene and set fire to ; they brought some switches and lashed him on the back, and then let him go. He had met Mrs. Moodie's daughter several times since he was married ; he was married 11 months; be had only met her by accident ; he would not swear he did not her in meet Hamilton Park since he was married; he had no intercourse with her since he was married ; he had connection with the girl many times before; he denied ever giving her a bottle, but had sent one to her by a lad named Mackie about four months ago ; he had met her several times since his wife left him, that was about two months ago, and immoral relations existed ; a number of other questions were asked in regard to the girl.
Source: National Advocate 30 Jan 1895

Possibly not this Albert

48. William Henry Byrnes

Temora News
One of Temora's oldest residents, Mr. William Bymes. died in the Carlton Hospital on Sunday night. Aged 75, he was known throughout the Southwest, being an auctioneer of long standing. His funeral left the Sacred Heart, Temora, on Tuesday afternoon for the Temora cemetery.
Source: Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga) 16 Jly 1949