Descendants of

Henry Angel

First Generation

1. Henry Angel was born in 1791 in Fordingbridge, New Forest,  Hampshire,  England. He died in 1881 in Wagga Wagga, NSW,Australia.


Henry married Mary Brooker daughter of Jonathon Brooker (Convict - Atlantic) and Mary Ann Wade aka Cochlan or Cochrane (Convict - Lady Juliana) in 1834 in Wollongong,NSW.  Mary was born on 28 Nov 1812 in Hawkesbury, NSW. She died on 29 Sep 1890 in Springvale,  Lake Albert, NSW. She was buried in Wagga Wagga (Angel family enclosure).

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i Henry Angel
+ 3 M ii William Angel
+ 4 M iii Keturah Angel
  5 M iv Robert Angel was born in 1841. He died in 1870 in Wagga Wagga. [Notes]
+ 6 M v Richard Angel
+ 7 F vi Mary Angel
+ 8 M vii James Angel
+ 9 M viii Edward Jonathon Angel
+ 10 M ix Samuel Angel

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