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Descendants of Henry Angel


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25. William Angel

Late of Port Moresby

28. Bertha Elizabeth Angel

(Before Mr. Justice Roper.)
Alfred Kirk asked for divorce from Bertha Elizabeth Kirk (formerly Angel), on the ground of her adultery with Jack Warters, who was joined as co-respondent. The respondent and co-respondent denied adultery. Petitioner and respondent were married on May 16, 1935, at Moss Vale. His Honor found the issues in favour of the petitioner, who was granted a decree nisi for dissolution of the marriage.

Source: The SMH 4 Jun 1938

6. Richard Angel

WAGGA, Tuesday.

Mr. Richard Angel, farmer and grazier, died at Wagga last week after an illness of three years. Six months ago he was seized with paralysis. He was born at Campbelltown, and came to Riverina as a boy. He was a son of the late Henry Angel, explorer, and member of Hume and Hovell's expedition. He leaves a widow and 14 children.
Source: The SMH 26 Jun 1907

10. Samuel Angel

Mr. Samuel Angel, senior, died at his residence. 'Wardry,' Trail-street, Wagga. Mr. Angel's death removes from the life of the community one of the earliest settlers of the Lake Albert district, and severs a link in the chain which binds the present and the earliest past — with the days when Hume and Hovell were making their courageous trek across New South Wales into Victoria. It was in 1824 that the explorers' party reached the northern bank of the Murray River and crossed into Victoria. A tree in the Hovell Reserve at Albury marks the spot of the last camp in New South Wales. A member of the Hume and Hovell party was, Mr. . Harry Angel, father of Mr. Samuel Angel. It is declared that Mr., Harry Angel was the first white man to swim the Murray River. When the expedition reached the river Harry Angel, a good swimmer, swam the stream carrying with him a line. This enabled a safe crossing to be made by the drays which carried the equipment of the party. Later on Harry Angel passed down the Murrumbidgee River and settled in the Hay district. When the first bank opened at Hay it was he who brought to the bank its first supply of gold. To deceive any lurking bushrangers ho carried the money in a tilted waggon and managed to arrive safely. After that, Harry Angel settled on ' Uardry ' station (originally spelt 'Wardry'), near Hay. About 1864 he went to the Wagga district and settled at Lake Albert, where he resided until his death, and was about 91 years of ago when he died. Samuel was born at 'Wardry' station, Hay, where his father first resided in that district and was the youngest of the family. In those days the railway line from Sydney went only as far as Goulburn, and in order to take delivery of two waggons which they had bought, it was necessary for Samuel Angel and the late John Hurst to harness their horses and drive them to Goulburn to meet the train. These were very likely the first waggons to arrive in the Wagga district. The late Mr. Samuel Angel married Miss Emma Power, daughter of the late Morgan Power, of Forest Hill, and if he had lived until next month he would have been 61 years married. He went on the land at Lake Albert, and followed farming and grazing pursuits for a great many years. He owned several properties, but his homestead was at 'Hillside,' on the Albury road. Mr. Angel was acknowledged to be a good judge of land and stock, and was very successful in his land trans actions, buying and selling a number of properties. He retired after about 50 years of active pastoral life, and went to live at Wagga, eventually building a home in Trail-street, which he named 'Wardry' after the first station his father resided upon at Hay. Mr. Samuel Angel is survived by his widow, two sons and three daughters. The sons are Albert (Lake Albert) and Samuel (Mangoplah) ; and the daughters are Mesdames R. Hanson (Wagga), J. J. Byrnes (North Sydney) and N. Wyld (Lithgow). Two daughters predeceased him — Mesdames F. M Garry and L. Willis. Mr. Angel spent a busy, useful life, and until quite recently enjoyed wonderfully good health, notwithstanding that he had reached the ripe age of 84 years, his last birthday being on December 18, 1937.

Source: Albury Banner and Wodonga Express 29 Apr 1938

Emma Anne Power

WAGGA.-Mrs. Samuel Angel, engaged In household duties in her home in Trail-street, slipped and fell, severely fracturing her hip- bone. Her condition is critical
Source: The SMH 8 Jul 1931