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Descendants of Henry Kable

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Edna Beasley

MONDAY. Before Mr. J. K. Cleeve, P.M.
Edna Gaudry, an old woman of 77, who appeared in Court with a blanket round her, was sentenced to two months' imprisonment in Darlinghurst gaol for exposing herself in the public street at Emu on the previous Friday when under the influence of drink.
Source: Nepean Times 13 Jul 1889

15. Emmeline Ann Susannah Gaudry

WILD.—January 31, at the residence of her son-in-law, J. J. Howell, Massie-street, Cooma, Emmeline, widow of the late John Wild, Esq., of Vanderville, The Oaks, in her 73rd year.
Source: The SMH 5 Feb 1886

John Benton Wild

Arrived with his parents on the Lloyds in 1817

The people residing in the neighbourhood of Camden and Picton have recently been distressed by the sudden announcement of the death of Mr. Wild, of Vanderville. It was known that his health latterly had been in a precarious state, but his death seems to have been unexpected by his most intimate friends. His remains were interred yesterday (the 29th June) in the family vault at Cobbitty Church. As they were borne along from Vanderville, (where he had resided for the last 33 years) through Camden to Cobbitty, the people of the district continued to join the funeral procession on horseback in large numbers. The pall was borne by Mr. J. Antill, J.P., Mr. W. Antill, Captain Christmas, J.P., Mr. J. Hassall, Mr. C. Wildash, and Mr. J. Greer. The last solemn rite was performed by the Rev. T. Hassall, assisted by the Rev. E. Rogers ; and his remains were consigned to the grave amidst a very large concourse of people. He was an affectionate father, a kind master, and a true friend to the poor man ; as such, he will long live in the memory of the people of this district, by whom his loss is most sincerely and deeply regretted.
Source: The SMH 2 Jly 1857

16. George Littleton Gaudry

The death is announced at Picton of Mr. George Gaudry, whom old residents of this district well remember. He was born on the Hawkesbury 75 years ago, but left the district for the vicinity of Picton when 28 years of age. He was much respected by all who knew him, and by dint of the exercise of his energy and enterprise he attained a good position.
Source: Windsor and Richmond Gazette 23 Nov 1889

George Thomas Tuckwell

The death occurred in hospital on Friday of Mr. George Thomas Tuckwell, formerly of Merrylands, at the age of 82 years. He was well known in the district as a wood contractor many years ago. His wife predeceased him. There are one or two brothers. The funeral left the mortuary chapel of William Metcalfe and Co., Ltd., Parramatta, on Monday morning for the Western-road Cemetery, where the Rev. J. A. Somerville, of Leigh Memorial Church, Parramatta
Source: The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate 30 May 1935

Ann Winton

Another old and highly respected resident of Wilberforce, in the person of Mrs. Anne Teale, wife of Mr. Henry Teale, died on Monday week, at the advanced age of 74 years. Prior to retiring to bed the deceased complained of being ill, but at the time gave no cause for alarm. However, during the night the members of the household were awakened, and the old lady appeared in a state of collapse. Medical aid was summoned, but it was not long ere she passed peacefully away. The cause of death was pronounced as heart failure. Deceased was a native of Wilberforce, was married (58 years ago), and died in the same place. She was held in the highest respect by all who knew her, and the unusually large crowd of people at the funeral was an excellent tribute to the memory of one so loved. At St. John's Church of England, Wilberforce, the Rev. W. S. Newton, M.A., delivered a touching address, during the course of which he referred to the grand life of deceased, and the noble example she set others. The choir sang a hymn, and as the coffin was borne from the church, the organist played the "Dead March." Deceased was the mother of a family of fourteen, all of whom, with the exception of one daughter, survive her—Miss Annie Teale and Mr. Joe Teale, Wilberforce ; Mrs. Dorrington, Cornwallis; W. H., Fred., and Jas. Teale, Sydney ; Mrs. T. H. Jackson, Pymble; Mrs. Mackinnon, Coolamon; and Mesdames David Gosper, McKay, Fergusson, Rossitter, and Read, all of Sydney. Mr. Thomas Collison was the undertaker.

Source: Hawkesbury Herald 4 Mar 1904

93. Rose Annie Teale

THE death took place in the District Hospital on Monday of Miss Rose Ann Teale, a well-known resident of Wilberforce, at the age of 81 years. She had been ailing for some time past and was admitted to the hospital about a week before her death.  Born at Windsor, the deceased was a daughter of the late Henry William Teale, and had lived at Wilberforce for the greater part of her life. The funeral took place on Tuesday, the remains being interred in the Church of England cemetery, Wilberforce. Rev. Stanley Howard,- M.A., officiated at the graveside, and Mr. Chandler was the undertaker.
Source: Windsor and Richmond Gazette 13 Sep 1929

Charles Javens

Joseph Aarons


This was a suit for a dissolution of the marriage between the petitioner, Joseph Aarons, of Namina, Wellington, a squatter, and the respondent, Mary Aarons, formerly Mary Kable. Mr. Buchanan, instructed bv Mr. B. Driver, appeared for petitioner. There was no appearance of the respondent, or any one on her behalf. The parties were married on the 1st of April. 1842, at Kelso by the Rev. C. Woodward; Church of England minister. Petitioner was born in Sydney, and is aged 55 years. Respondent was born at Kelso, near Bathurst, and is aged 55 years. She now lives at Caloola with one Charles Javens. There has been no children as the issue of the marriage. In the year 1846 petitioner's wife commenced to drink to, excess and was continually drunk. She had often to be wheeled home by the police of the district. All petitioner's efforts to reform his wife were ineffectual. In 1851 the petitioner could no longer endure his wife's conduct, and a mutual separation, took place. She went to live with her friends and petitioner supported her for some time, until he was informed that she had left her friends and gone to live with a man named Charles Javens as his wife. Petitioner never gave his wife cause to resort to intemperate habits. He had not lived with her since June 1850. Robert Boss deposed that he lived next door to the parties at Bathurst. Respondent was a confirmed drunkard. She resided with Javens, by whom she has had three children.— Charles Armstrong, of Back Creek, lately of Coolah, deposed that respondent and Javins lived together at Coolah as man and wife. His Honor granted a decree nisi, returnable in six months.
Source: Evening News 3 Nov 1877

Death of Mr Joseph Aarons
By the death of Mr. Joseph Aarons, which took place at his residence, Grassmere, Wellington, on Thursday evening last, New South Wales has lost one of its oldest and most notable colonists. The deceased had been a resident of the Wellington district for upwards of 50 years. and at one time was the largest landholder in the west, having been owner of the Goonoon, Gobolion, Apsley, Nanima, and The Holmes in the Wellington district, and of large holdings on the Castlereagb and Bogan, besides large runs in Queensland. Mr. Aarons had the distinguished honor of entertaining the officers and men who accompanied the Duke of Clarenoe and the Duke of York on their visit to Australia many years ago, and on the recentvisit of the Prince and Princess of Wales, then Duke and Duchess of York. Mr. Aarons and family were guests of Royalty at Sydney, the Prince dis playing much interest in the family of the aged colonist. Aarons led an active life, and until a fortnight ago managed entirely the whole of his business matters. A sharp attack of influenza and bronchitis caused him to lie up. He died at the advanoed age of 84 years. He was the first . Mayor of Welling ten, and acted very regular on the local bench as Justice of the Peace.
Source: Molong Argus 1 Jul 1904

Ann Javens

Assisted immigrant

Ann Maria Barry

Previously married to Manasseh Cowell 1836-1866

116. William Carr Patrick Kable

Florence divorced William in 1917

27. Eliza Kable

By special license, on Saturday, the 19th instant, at St. Michael's Church, by the Rev. Father Grant, Mr. James Thompson, of White Rock, Bathurst, to Miss Eliza, the third daughter of the late George Kable, Bathurst.
Source: Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal 26 Aug 1854

The death occurred at her residence, Moulder-street, East Orange, on Saturday morning of Mrs. Eliza Thompson from senile decay at the age of 77 years. The deceased lady was a native of Bathurst, and on the death of her husband came to reside in Orange. About two years ago her health began to fail, and gradually her condition became worse, culminating in her death. A family of three daughters deplore their mother's demise, their names being:—Mrs. Hillford (Sydney), Mrs. Mitchell (East Orange), and Mrs. James Lowe (East Orange). The funeral took place yesterday, the body being interred in the Roman Catholic section of the cemetery. The Rev. Father Ryan conducted the service at the graveside.
Souce: Leader (Orange) 9 sep 1912